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If You Own A Fat PS3 Sony Might Owe You Money

The lawsuit against Sony for removing Linux from the original PS3 SKUs, known as the "Fat" system before it was replaced with the "Slim" SKU, has taken another step forward after six years of slow moving litigation. Some gamers are now eligible for being owed money by Sony if they have a "Fat" PS3.

When You Can Play Stardew Valley On Mac And Linux

Want to play Stardew Valley but don't have a PC to run it on? Well, good news! The indie darling is primed and ready to launch on a pair of new platforms starting next week, including both Mac and Linux.

The Difficult Way One Player Got Steam Games Running On The PS4, See The Video

Using the PS4 to play PC games seems like a backward dream come true, given that a lot of PC gamers would probably love to play PS4 games on their PCs. Nevertheless, one enterprising gamer managed to get Sony's system to run Linux, and from Linux they were able to boot into Steam's Big Picture Mode.

The Town Of Light Review: A Disturbing Look At A Dark Time In Medical History

It’s no secret that the United States went through a dark time in the early 1900’s when asylums across the country were overloaded with the sick, mentally-disabled and the many souls who were merely lost and misguided. But The Town Of Light tells the story about the horrible conditions at an Italian asylum and one girl’s horrifying experience.

Valve: Tons Of Steam Accounts Are Hacked Each Month

Hacked accounts is bound to happen when you're dealing with online services. It's just part of the game when digital currency, content value and scams are taken into consideration. Well, what you probably didn't know was that Steam is an extremely high value target with more than 77,000 accounts hacked each month.

GOG Winter Sale Arrives With Free Games

The digital distribution outlet has started their winter sale. One of the biggest differences between and Steam is that the DRM-free distribution outlet is utilizing one of Steam's past sale features: timed deals.

Steam Autumn Sale Is Now Live

The new and yet-to-be-proven-to-be-improved Steam autumn sale is now live. The new change has gone underway by Valve and developers and publishers from the indie ranks to the AAA colonnades have made it known that their games are currently up and available for purchase at greatly discounted rates.

Steam Autumn Sale Is Making A Major Change

One of the big gimmicks of the Valve fall and winter sales was that there were these daily deals that occurred every eight or so hours, as well as flash deals that happened periodically. Those deals will be gone for the next two Steam sales, starting with the autumn sale that commences on November 25th.

Steam Machines And Controllers Now Available

At long last, Steam Machines have finally hit the market alongside Valve's unique new controller, giving gamers yet another way to enjoy their favorite pastime.

GOG Fall Sale Lets You Earn Free Games

CD Projekt's digital distribution outlet GOG has a catalog of wildly diverse games that are both new and old, and more than 350 titles are discounted at up to 90%, either individually or in bundle packs.

BATTLETECH Raises $2.5 Million On Kickstarter, Adds PvP Battles

Harebrained Schemes is wrapping up its Kickstarter campaign for BATTLETECH today. In the final hours of the campaign, backers contributed enough to unlock the final stretch goal for the game.

DOTA 2 Adds Haunted Colosseum Mode

DOTA 2 fans have a spooky treat waiting for them in-game this week: A new custom game mode called the Haunted Colosseum. Obviously it's an early celebration of all things Christmas.

Sword Coast Legends Is Getting Tons Of Free DLC

Sword Coast Legends developer n-Space has acknowledged that the reviews for their Dungeons & Dragon RPG have been mixed. However, they have some ambitious plans to improve the game and also add new content.

Steam Halloween Sale 2015 Offers Tons Of Cheap Games

Steam is holding a Halloween sale over the weekend, from October 30th all the way up until November 2nd. There are a lot of familiar faces in the crowd, including some of the biggest AAA games that some gamers may have been desperately waiting for to go on sale, including Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto V.

Steam Could Bring Back Paid Mods

After all the vitriol and flames and hate and internet outrage that came about the last time Valve tried to implement paid mods, they decided that maybe they went about it the wrong way. Valve is still intent on bringing back paid mods but they want to do things very differently.

Valve Explains Why Steam Doesn't Have Ads

While a lot of digital platforms will feed ads to users without a second thought, and most digital distribution platforms are known for ads, one service does not have them: Steam. One of Valve's staff explains why Steam doesn't have ads.

Dota 2's Fall Compendium 2015 Is Now On Sale

Valve is already selling selling the fall 2015 Compendium at two tiers: a $3.99 entry pack and one for $9.99. The packages will put players into the Compendium in Dota 2 to allow them to earn Compendium coins, partake in the coin wagers and earn new treasures and goods in the game.

The Beginner's Guide Review: No, This Isn't Stanley Parable 2

Stanley Parable co-creator Davey Wreden released his new game The Beginner's Guide this week. If you buy it expecting a spiritual successor to Parable, you're going to be disappointed.

Humble Indie Bundle 15 Includes Six Cheap Games

The Humble Bundle is back with a variety of high-quality indie games. The bundle includes noteworthy games like Q.U.B.E.: Director's Cut and the open-world survival, tweed-punk game Sir, You Are Being Hunted.

Battletech Game Lands On Kickstarter

Harebrained Schemes, the developer of Shadowrun Returns, have a new game on the way. They've launched a Kickstarter for a game set in the BattleTech universe.

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