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Why That NES Game May Actually Be Built Into The Nintendo Switch

Last weekend, we found out that the Nintendo Switch actually had a copy of the NES title, Golf, hidden on the console. Developed by former Nintendo President Satoru Iwata, who passed away in 2015, folks have started to speculate as to why that particular game was secreted away on the new console.

The Nintendo Switch Has An NES Style Joystick, And It's Expensive As Hell

Given the popularity of the Switch it was obvious that third-party peripheral makers would want to jump in and offer some kind of service to capitalize on Nintendo's new hybrid gaming device. Well, one outlet is offering NES-style Joy-Con modifications for the Switch, and they are super expensive.

The Disney Afternoon Collection May Be The Greatest Classic Game Bundle Ever

For anyone who grew up in the 80's and 90's there was something special about plopping down in front of the television every afternoon to catch up on Disney's animated lineup. Those shows got translated into some pretty great games, too; and now Capcom has brought them all together under one roof.

A Speedrunner Has Beaten Every Game For The Nintendo Entertainment System

Speedrunning is a culture that has become extremely popular the world around thanks to the ability to live-stream the event and broadcast to everyone. Well, One particular speedrunner has been gaining attention because he's beaten every single game made for the original Nintendo Entertainment System.

Our Five Favorite Cheats You Can Use On The NES Classic

Now that the NES Classic Edition console is out in the wild, folks are going gaga for the miniscule machine's perfect emulations of classic Nintendo games. They're so perfect, in fact, that their original cheat codes work exactly like you remember.

NES Classic Is Having Some Serious Sales

The Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition has turned out to be the surprise hardware hit of the pre-holiday season sales explosion. Leading up to Black Friday, a bunch of people have gone bonkers in trying to get their hands on the new retro device.

The NES Classic Will Offer Multiple Viewing Modes, Get The Details

The Nintendo mini-console, appropriately named the NES Classic, will come with a bit more than what you may have been expecting. There will be multiple viewing modes embedded into the console's options, allowing purists to view some of the classic 8-bit titles either in retro-vision or with enhanced pixel options.

What You Can Expect From NES Classic

Nintendo's upcoming mini-console based around the original 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System will come with a few neat features designed to capitalize on some of the more nostalgic elements that made the original NES so fun and memorable.

The Nintendo NX Will Use Cartridges, According To A Report

A recent report makes it sound like many of the rumors circulating around Nintendo's next console, known as the NX, might actually be accurate. Here's a surprise, though: It sounds like the device will go back to the cartridge format.

Sega Is Releasing Their Own Classic Mini Console, Get The Details
Nintendo’s NES Classic Released An 80s-Inspired Trailer, Check It Out

Recently, we reported that Nintendo was releasing a smaller version of the NES console built in with pre-installed games, and now Nintendo has released a spiffy new trailer that shows off all of the 80s-inspired nostalgia of the mini console.

All The Free Games The Nintendo Console Re-Release Will Include

Nintendo is re-releasing the NES in a miniature form called the NES Classic Edition. The new system comes with a collection of popular games that were iconic on Nintendo's 8-bit home console, and they recently revealed the 30 games that will be bundled into the retro system's re-release.

This Nintendo Character Is Getting Its Own Cafe In Japan, Check It Out

Nintendo appears to be opening up a food and drink cafe featuring one of their titular characters from a long running franchise. The cafe will open up in August and according to a new website and a tweet, the theme will center around Kirby.

Watch This Gamer Try To Finish Super Mario Bros. 3 Faster Than Stephen Colbert Can Eat A Hot Pocket

Stephen Colbert had a speedrunner on his show to see if he could beat Super Mario Bros. 3 faster than he could eat a Hot Pocket.

Nintendo's Copyright Police Has Struck Again And This Time On Kickstarter

The crowd-funding for Bitman Books' NES/Famicom: A Visual Compendium has come to an end, not because it failed to meet its goals but because of a DMCA from Nintendo to shut the whole thing down.

See The New Amiibo For Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Nintendo may have demonstrated the Wolf Link Amiibo for Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild during the Treehouse live-stream on Tuesday, but they had more than just Wolf Link planned for release for the upcoming Wii U and NX game. There will be three Amiibo made for the upcoming open-world adventure title.

Watch Mario Kart On Ice During Intermission At An NHL Game

There's never a bad time to play Mario Kart. That seems to be the gist of this next piece, as NHL fans were treated to a friendly rivalry of the mode 7 kart racing title during intermission in a match between the Tampa Bay Lightning and Pittsburgh Penguins.

Vans Just Made Mario, Zelda And More Classic Games Shoes, Check Them Out

Sneakerheads who also happen to be into retro gaming have something to look forward to this summer as Vans announces a partnership with Nintendo to launch a line of kicks sporting all kinds of designs from NES classics.

Here's What Players On Twitter Think Of All Those Nintendo Announcements

Last night, Nintendo dropped a total bombshell on the gaming community when they made a number of announcements pertaining to the new Nintendo NX, The Legend Of Zelda game and E3. But the internet has had quite a lot to say when it comes to Nintendo’s announcements, and not all are overly positive.

Here's How You Can Play Classic Nintendo Games With A PS4 Controller

If you still have your old NES and you want to play it but your controllers are all dead and useless, or you have a setup where the wired controllers just aren't long enough, there's a new wireless Bluetooth solution that allows you to play with today's generation of peripherals, including a PS4 controller.

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