A Speedrunner Has Beaten Every Game For The Nintendo Entertainment System

Super Mario Bros. 3 Speedrun
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Speedrunning is a culture that has become extremely popular the world around thanks to the ability to live-stream the event and broadcast to everyone. Well, one particular speedrunner has been gaining attention because he's beaten every single game made for the original Nintendo Entertainment System.

Kotaku is reporting that Piotr Delgado "The Mexican Runner" Kusielczuk has managed to speedrun through all 714 NES games. It was no easy task. Piotr started his arduous task three years ago back in 2014, where he journeyed to play through all 714 games. He only managed to complete the task this past weekend, as noted in the report.

He wrapped up his journey with none other than Super Mario Bros. 3. There's something nostalgic about that. Within the 714 games, 35 of them were PAL exclusives while the rest were all released in North America. He played through both types of games with clear goals and games with unclear goals.

A lot of it supposedly boiled down to endurance rather than just pure skill like in some speedrunning instances. Oftentimes speedrunners practice a game out beforehand and then try to get the ins and outs of a game so that they blast through it as quickly as possible, however, Piotr ran into a few problems trying to get through some of the NES' more difficult-to-play role-playing games. RPGs back in the day weren't made with a lot of the QOL features that we get in games today. Most titles are designed to ensure that you can't screw up the story and they're also made so that there are no dead-end choices. They also attempt to keep you moving at a proper pace so that you're always at the proper level for the baddies.

Back in the day you just had to wing it sometimes and over-train to compensate for some of the more difficult encounters. They didn't have always have level suggestions for the quests or commended equipment for the enemies, making it a lot more difficult to feel out how you would have to tackle certain challenges.

Nevertheless, Piotr managed to get through even the most difficult of games, and clocked in more than 3,000 hours in total to tackle all 714 titles. On average that would mean it took him just under five hours per game. In reality, though, some games could be beaten within minutes, so obviously the games that did take five hours were likely the RPGs and sports titles.

Piotr is no newbie to the speedrunning game, though. Kotaku notes that he holds records in Battletoads and Contra for speedrunning them on the NES, so he was already prepared for the challenge and he just needed to set his sights on knocking out as many games as possible as quickly as possible. This makes him the first person in the history of the world to play through every single NES game ever released in North America and some that released in Europe.

I wonder if he's going to try to tackle every SNES game released next? At least the graphics and music would be a huge upgrade over the NES titles. You can catch Piotr Delgado "The Mexican Runner" Kusielczuk right now over on his Twitch.tv stream.

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