Now that the NES Classic Edition console is out in the wild, folks are going gaga for the minuscule machine's perfect emulations of classic Nintendo games. They're so perfect, in fact, that their original cheat codes work exactly like you remember.

For 60 bucks, you can nab yourself an NES Classic Edition, a nearly pocket-sized version of the original Nintendo Entertainment System that comes pre-loaded with 30 games. You'll also get a controller that's nearly identical to the OG versions, with the added bonus that the console can play off of your television or laptop/PC.

There are a whole bunch of Nintendo classics ready to play on the console, complete with cheat codes and exploits that warp you around the games, give you more lives, offer infinite ammo, etc. Here's a rundown of five of our favorites.

Simon's Quest -- A full arsenal

The second game in the storied Castlevania series, Simon's Quest is known for being a tough game. That kind of went with the territory back in the day when game developers were still coming to terms with the fact that, when played at home, they didn't need a staggering difficulty to keep players pumping quarters into the machine. So if you find yourself having trouble in Simon's Quest, then you'll definitely want to try out this beauty that gives you access to every weapon and every item in the game. Just head on over to the password screen and enter the following: MLIT WVCW T3KU SFZC. That's all there is to it. Now get out there a prove to Dracula that man is far more than a miserable pile of secrets.

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