Now that Switch Online is live, one of the for-pay service's benefits is access to a collection of great games for the Nintendo Entertainment System. At launch, these games include everything from Super Mario Bros. and Yoshi to The Legend of Zelda and River City Ransom. Another nine games are planned for launch before the year is out, too, including titles like NES Open Tournament Golf, Ninja Gaiden and Wario's Woods.

The initial games included in the Nintendo Switch Online NES collection are solid, but there's always room to grow. The NES had one of the greatest game collections of any console in history, and if the online service wants to be attractive to consumers who aren't interested in multiplayer gaming, it needs to leverage its library. Here are some of the best that need to be added sooner rather than later.


While fighting games didn't really take off until the next generation of consoles, Punch-Out for the NES was a great boxing game that introduced many of the genre's key components. As up-and-coming pugilist Little Mac, players took on a bizarre roster of increasingly difficult opponents on a quest to become the world champion. Punch-Out featured a stamina system players had to manage if they didn't want to get winded and opponents all had tells for their variety of attacks. The object of the game was to learn from your opponent's moves, dodge when appropriate and then attack when you found an opening, a gameplay loop that is alive and well to this day in games like the Dark Souls series.

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