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Portal Reference In CSGO Is Just An Easter Egg, Not A Tease Of Portal 3

Valve has a number of Easter eggs in its games. It's become a staple for the studio to hint at a larger connected universe within its most popular properties. The latest Easter egg is a reference in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for Portal, but it's not a tease for Portal 3.

Valve Shows Off New VR Controllers With Portal-Themed Tech Demo

Valve has a new VR controller to show off, and they seem to be a big fan of the educational method of showing rather than telling.

Somebody Made Portal For The HoloLens And It's The Best Thing Ever

You ever wonder what Portal would be like in real life? Well, you can stop wondering, one very creative and technically savvy developer has rigged up a little project for HoloLens that lets you complete experiments in your own home.

Why Gabe Newell Likes Portal More Than Half-Life

Valve is responsible for some of the most popular video games ever made. They created franchises that gamers all over the world love. So which one does the company's head honcho like best? Not the one you might think.

Rocket League Is Getting Free Portal DLC

It looks like Rocket League is set to get even more free content this week, this time taking the form of a content pack that includes oodles of items pulled from the Portal universe. This is, indeed, a triumph.

This Beautiful Video Turns Popular Video Games Into LEGOs

A cool new video has emerged from creative Youtube outlet Andrewmfilms, featuring a collection of scenarios from popular video games all realized in the form of LEGOs. If you're having a hard time wrapping your head around that concept, just check out the video and be amazed.

Portal Pinball Conducting Tests On Zen Platforms This Month

Chell, P-Body, ATLAS and, of course, GLaDOS will soon teleport to a new home where they will find plenty of science in need of doing. Get ready for a Portal pinball table, coming soon to Zen Studios’ Pinball FX2 and Zen Pinball 2.

Portal Designer's Soul Fjord Is Ouya Exclusive

Kim Swift, the designer behind first-person puzzle games Portal and Quantum Conundrum, has revealed her next game. Soul Fjord is a cross between Norse mythology and Blaxploitation. Wait, what?

The Greatest Video Game Music 2 Coming November 6th

The London Philharmonic Orchestra has recorded 17 covers of famous songs from gaming. They're going to release them on November 6th in a compilation called The Greatest Video Game Music 2.

Valve Gives Schools Free Copies Of Portal 2 To Help Teach Physics

Continuing on their crusade to be viewed as the most philanthropic, down-to-Earth, easy-going game company on the planet, Valve has taken the next step in being viewed as the Jedi to EA's Sith: they're giving away free copies of Portal 2 and the Portal 2 Puzzle Maker to schools, in order to help teach kids about math and physics.

Trailer Shows Off Real-Life Portal Gun Replica In Action

So you want to see how a real-life, 1:1 replica of the Aperture Science Portal Gun works? Well, a new video trailer from NECA Toys was released showing the replica in action.

Real-Life Portal Gun Replica Priced, Arrives This April

Gamers will soon be able to run around with their own Aperture Science Portal Gun replica for the not-so-bad price of $139.99 starting next week.

Portal Bedroom Puts Your Childhood To Shame

Vector Farr of Orange County, California is a huge Portal fan. So deep is his dedication to Aperture Science and cake that his dad, Xombie writer and creator James Farr, decided to help him build his own Portal-themed bedroom.

Download Portal For Free

Most people would gladly pay money for Portal. However, Valve doesn't want your money. For some reason, they've decided to offer their acclaimed first-person puzzle-platformer for free.

Portal Designer's Quantum Conundrum Detailed In Gameplay Video

Kim Swift, project lead on Portal, has revealed her next game. It's a first-person puzzle platformer called Quantum Conundrum.

Steam Released For Mac, Free Portal With Download

The Mac version of digital games platform Steam is now available for download. There are 57 games available for you to digitally purchase through the service.

Team Portress Combines Team Fortress And Portal

Do you prefer the physics puzzle action of Portal or the multiplayer mayhem of Team Fortress 2. Thanks to a new mod called Team Portress, you don't have to choose.

Jonathan Coulton Making Portal 2 Song?

Arguably the best part of Portal was the closing song, written by musician Jonathan Coulton. In a new interview Valve founder Gabe Newell suggested that the sequel could make use of Coulton's musical stylings as well.

Steam, Valve Games Coming To Mac

Today Valve announced that it's bringing its digital distribution service Steam to the Mac. It will launch in April with several Valve-developed titles such as Left 4 Dead 2, Portal, and the Half-Life series.

Portal 2 Clues In Portal Update?

Today Portal received an update through Steam. Rather than fixing bugs, though, it adds some mysterious new content.

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