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Kim Swift, the designer behind first-person puzzle games Portal and Quantum Conundrum, has revealed her next game. Soul Fjord is a cross between Norse mythology and Blaxploitation. Wait, what?

The game stars Magnus Jones, a Viking warrior who looks like Richard Roundtree. After being slain in battle, he expects to be brought to Valhalla, the best club in Yggdrasil. However, he finds out that he's not on the guest list.

In order to get into Valhalla, Jones will have to fight his way through the World Tree. The various dungeons he'll traverse are randomly generated. The combat is said to be rhythm-based as well, which should help set the game apart from other action RPG's like Torchlight and Diablo.

In introducing the game on the Ouya website, Ouya's Kellee Santiago mentioned that the game is free-to-play as well. Presumably it's funded by microtransactions of some sort, but no details on that were provided.

The Ouya is a $99 Android-powered console funded through Kickstarter. Beta versions were sent to backers in March. The retail release is scheduled for June.

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