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Why GameStop Canceled Many Kingdom Hearts 3 PS4 Pro Pre-Orders

Just a few days out from launch, GameStop canceled some pre-orders for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3 special edition PlayStation 4 bundle. The company eventually explained what went wrong.

Sony Fined 2 Million Euros For PS4 Sales Practices Deemed Misleading

When it comes to marketing and advertising there are standards in place to ensure that people aren't being misled or sold certain items based on false premises.

Marvel's Spider-Man Is The Fastest-Selling Superhero Game In U.S. History

Marvel's Spider-Man continues to break records as it swings through the holiday season.

PS4 Spider-Man Is Getting His Own Comic Series

The popularity of Marvel's Spider-Man for the PS4 has continued to skyrocket Spider-Man to new heights, even to the point where Marvel decided that it was time that Insomniac Games' version of the friendly neighborhood superhero deserved his very own comic run.

Sony Reportedly Banned A PS4 User For A Cultural Misunderstanding

One gamer was on the receiving end of Sony's clean-up efforts, only for Sony to realize they made a huge mistake.

The PS4 Message Bug Has Apparently Been Fixed

There was a malicious bug that had been affecting some PlayStation 4 owners when it came to opening up a message and having their system get bricked. It was a really annoying and frustrating bug for some gamers to encounter, but, thankfully, the nightmare of possibly opening up a message and having your system crash has been resolved.

PS4 Message Allegedly Bricks Your Console

A growing number of PlayStation 4 users are claiming they have received a message through the console that is bricking their machine.

Fortnite Will Allow For Account Merging Following PS4 Cross-Play Announcement

Sony, in particular, created quite the news stir when the company kept denying PS4 gamers the opportunity to cross-play with Nintendo Switch and Xbox One owners. Well, now that Sony has reneged on those policies, the company is moving in the other direction, and this has allowed Epic Games to give folks the opportunity to merge accounts for cross-play compatibility.

The First Three Phoenix Wright Games Are Coming To Modern Consoles

Here's some news you won't likely object to: The first three Phoenix Wright games are about to be bundled and made available across every major platform.

Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night May Be Getting A PS4 Release

It looks like Castlevania fans gaming on the PlayStation 4 might have a treat lined up for the holiday season, as a collection containing two classic games in the series recently popped up on the ESRP website.

Evidence PUBG May Be Coming To PS4

Microsoft decided snag exclusivity rights for the game for the Xbox One, bringing PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds to the console at the end of 2017.

PlayStation Now Adds The Ability To Download PS4, PS2 Games

Gamers are now able to download PS2 and PS4 games and play them offline... but there's a catch.

Spider-Man Just Set A Record For PlayStation

Despite all the record-setting roadblocks put into place by previous PS4 exclusives, Insomniac Games' Marvel's Spider-Man has still managed to blast past all of those records and set its own pace for Sony's gaming platform, managing to sell an exorbitant amount of units within the first three days.

Why Marvel's Spider-Man Recorded All Of Spidey's Dialogue Twice

For the recently released Marvel's Spider-Man, there was a completely different reason for why all of Spidey's dialogue was recorded twice and it had nothing to do with trying to capture a certain kind of emotion from the voice actor.

How To Get Spidey's Infinity War Suit In Marvel's Spider-Man On PS4

Marvel's Spider-Man is packed with unlockable costumes, but the one folks keep asking about is the Iron Spider getup from Avengers: Infinity War. Luckily, it's not that hard to track down.

Sony's Explanation For Not Offering Cross-Platform Play Doesn't Fly With Xbox

Even with petitions and constant social media pressure to make the PS4 cross-play compatible with the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, Sony has used one excuse after another to deny the people what they want. The latest explanation, however, isn't flying too well with the folks at Xbox.

What Changed With Assassin's Creed's Combat Update

The latest Assassin's Creed that is set in Greece, aptly titled Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, takes the combat to a whole new level by updating how players engage with the enemies and what sort of tactical mechanics will be at their disposal during battle.

Zeeple Dome Trailer Reveals A New Title For Jackbox Party Pack 5

A brand new Jackbox Party Pack 5 is set to make its debut this fall, and the creators launched a brand new look at the Zeeple Dome, one of the games that will be featured in the party pack for gaming platforms.

FIFA 19 Has A Survival Mode

Yes, the annual soccer outing from EA Sports actually has a survival mode in the game to help enrich the gaming experience and add something totally new to the FIFA gameplay.

One Villain Who Won't Be In Spider-Man For The PS4

While playing Insomniac Games' upcoming Marvel's Spider-Man, your spidey sense is likely to start tingling because of the sudden arrival of villains like Electro, Mister Negative or even The Vulture.

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