The Walking Dead Season 3 From Telltale Games Has A Release Window

Developer Telltale Games has been busy lately with the The Walking Dead: Michonne miniseries and their newest Batman game coming sometime this year, but you know fans have been wondering when the next actual season of The Walking Dead series will release. We can now say that season 3 will be releasing sometime this year.

Mashable actually did an interview with Telltale Games, which is when the release window was announced. Telltale’s CEO, Kevin Bruner, also released some subtle details about the upcoming game.

How do we go back and make sure all Walking Dead fans can get in while still keeping all of our storylines going? I think where we're landing with the story for Season 3 does a really good job of both of those things. It allows people who maybe haven't played [the first two seasons] to come in and get up to speed really quickly. But it definitely respects, honors and facilitates all of the various end points that Season 2 had.

If you played Season 2 of The Walking Dead, it might have seemed like that was the end because everything felt as if it tied up, but Telltale plans on continuing the story and not in the way fans are expecting. He mentions that Season 3 will take an unexpected approach to the story.

I still have The Walking Dead Season 1 and 2 sitting on my PS4, so maybe now I’ll have a reason to make time to play through the two, as if their renowned storytelling isn’t enough. I’ve heard my friends tell me how emotionally disturbed they were playing through the first season, and that’s how it should be when it comes to The Walking Dead. It should never just be a stroll in the park.

As more information releases, we’ll continue to keep you updated.