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Is GTA 5 Too Graphic And Violent?

Late to the party but never without the sort of stuff that makes it interesting, we've sort of come full circle on the GTA stuff where enough gamers have had time to play the game for themselves and see if it lives up to all the hype, the candor and the violence one would expect from a franchise known for pushing the limit. However, has the limit been pushed too far?

Rockstar Confirms GTA 5's Microtransactions, Rolls Out More Multiplayer Details

Just ahead of the launch on October 1st, Rockstar has rolled out additional information for GTA Online, the multiplayer extension to GTA V. The official post on their page confirms a lot of what we already knew while also verifying a few things we also already knew.

Rockstar Warns Against Installing Both GTA 5 Xbox 360 Discs

Grand Theft Auto V is upon us but there's a bit of a hiccup with the game that Rockstar has addressed when concerned gamers pondered on why Rockstar's official Twitter warned gamers to only install one of the Xbox 360's discs for the game.

Sony Isn't Banning PS3 Gamers For Playing GTA 5 Early

Talk about a tale of two cities. Sony and Microsoft have very different outlooks on the way they deal with their gaming communities. Sony offers free multiplayer, a helping hand to indies and a free pass to early adopters of GTA V, which is the complete opposite of what Microsoft is doing with anyone who has early access to Rockstar's open-world action game.

Weekly Recap Sept 14th: Steam's Family Share Plan Steals Microsoft's Thunder, PS Vita TV Emerges

Rockstar goes on a banning spree just ahead of the launch of GTA V. Valve rolls out their own Family Share Plan for Steam and Sony reveals a PS Vita TV, competitively priced to give the Gamestick and OUYA a run for their money. These stories and more in this edition of the Weekly Recap.

GTA 5 Soundtrack Features 240 Licensed Songs And An Original Song From Flying Lotus

Grand Theft Auto V is gearing up for release to close out the summer, and Rolling Stone had an opportunity to talk to some of the folks at Rockstar Games about the collaborative music process and getting some of the biggest names in entertainment to come on board.

GTA IV Gets Saints Row 4's Dubstep Gun, Watch It In Action

Leading up to the September release of Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto V, modders have gone all out and then some with GTA IV. The community has come up with some of the wackiest, coolest, craziest stuff around, including a new modded weapon that comes straight out of Saints Row IV... the one and only Dubstep Gun.

GTA IV Character Switch Mod Updated To Perfectly Replicate GTA 5

Remember we recently reported on a mod for Grand Theft Auto IV that allowed players to switch between characters seamlessly? Yeah, it was a little clunky, everyone you switched to had Niko's voice and it seemed a bit crude. However, the mod has been updated with improved scripts, timing and code so that it's nearly identical to the one in Grand Theft Auto V.

Hulk Smashes In GTA IV With Updated Mod

Originally there was a model rip from the Hulk: Ultimate Destruction game that came out on the PS2 many years ago for Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto IV on PC. Well, the mod has been updated in a massive way, now including new features like Hulk's thunder clap, his jumping smash attack and his ability to leap great distances.

GTA V Breaks Pre-Order Records In UK, Aims To Dethrone Call Of Duty

Activision once held the crown as the king of the pre-order champion. The publisher was proud to prance around their prowess of pre-order predominance and they did so without respite. However, there is a new king of the hill, a new head honcho, a new pimp on the street of pre-orders... and his name is GTA V.

Lobo, The Main Man Brings Carnage To GTA IV

One of the new mods that released earlier in the month was the Injustice rendition of the Main Man, Lobo. The mod is currently available for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV and the new video gives gamers an exciting new bike to go along with the galactic badass.

Take-Two CEO On Xbox One Used Game Fees: We Should Get Paid, Too

Okay, so we know that there are used game fees for the Xbox One. PR spin posters have been trying to muddle the point to the effect of creating obfuscation surrounding the matter, but it's out there: Xbox One in its present policy state has a used game fee system. With that out of the way, publishers are now jumping on board the “Hey, I want my money, too” bandwagon.

GTA IV Tron City Mod Embraces Daft Punk

Loved the music to that piss poor Tron sequel called Tron Legacy? Yeah, I loved the music, too. Did you like the colors, the art direction and the general visual aesthetic? Yeah, So did I. Well, do you like all the previous Tron stuff but you also like Grand Theft Auto? If you haven't guessed where this is going then your Logic 101 class failed you bad.

The Warriors Come Out To Play On PSN Next Week

Waaaarrioooors, come out and plaaaa-eeee-aaaaay. Rockstar’s sudden influx of PlayStation 2 Classics available on the PlayStation Network continues to grow as the developer announces The Warriors will be arriving next Tuesday, May 28.

Manhunt Now Available For PSN

That age-old violent game that had people like Jack Thompson and the ESRB biting their nails and leaking human juice into their panties has finally made a comeback, and this time Rockstar's no-holds-barred hunting game has become available on Sony's digital distribution portal.

War Machine Goes On Patrol, Kicks Butt In GTA IV

Keeping in theme with all the other Iron Man related mods released recently for Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto IV, another video has surfaced showcasing Iron Man's right-hand man kicking butt and taking names in a video that sees James Rhodes suited up as War Machine and solving all sorts of domestic abuse problems.

Star Wars X-Wing, Speeders, Space Stations Invade GTA IV

You may not have to wait long for Star Wars: Battlefront III to arrive if you grab a few mods for GTA IV. One of the latest mods for the game is a speeder bike that also allows you to fire your lasers. I can't say it's a visual improvement over the speeder bike released last year for GTA IV, but the more the merrier, right?

GTA London 1969 Mod Arrives For GTA IV

Fans of Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto from way back in the day probably remember a little total conversion expansion for the very first GTA called GTA London 1969. The expansion pack was quite popular and even found its way onto the PSX back in the day. Well, thanks to some dedicated modders GTA London 1969 has been faithfully recreated and ported into the RAGE runtime for GTA IV.

Batman From Injustice: Gods Among Us Stalks Liberty City In GTA IV

The closest thing to playing as Christian Bale's Batman in GTA would probably be Netherrealm's rendition of Batman from Warner Bros. Injustice: Gods Among Us. Well, if you didn't already know, Batman from Injustice is now fully playable in GTA IV.

GTA IV's Back To The Future Mod Can Travel To Western Times

The Back to the Future mod creator has actually managed to make it where you can travel to different time zones now. It is, without a shadow of a doubt, the most insane thing I've seen for Grand Theft Auto. So yes, you can travel from GTA IV to Red Dead Redemption. Stand up and give the modders a hand.

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