Rockstar Released Three New Backward Compatible Games For Xbox One

GTA San Andreas
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Xbox One gamers have been getting spoiled with lots of fantastic backwards compatible titles in a very short amount of time. In fact, Rockstar is giving Xbox One owners three more games to play in order to fill out your library with some of the best games from the previous generations. With that being said, Rockstar Games recently announced that three new games have been added to the ever-growing list of backwards compatible games for the Xbox One family of systems, enabling those of you with an Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Xbox One X to get in on the action.

Gamespot is reporting that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas from the OG Xbox has been added to the list, along with Midnight Club: Los Angeles, and Rockstar Table Tennis.

The original GTA: San Andreas came out for PS2, PC and the OG Xbox. It took everything that Rockstar accomplished with GTA 3 and GTA Vice City and expanded it to all new heights. It added in plenty of mini-games, from working out and playing basketball, to delivering pizzas, doing trucker missions, taking on taxi cab jobs, being a vigilante, or just going around stealing cars and selling them for cash.

The game was a huge financial success for Rockstar, but also opened it up to tons of criticism and mainstream controversy when modders unleashed the "Hot Coffee" modification that ended up putting Rockstar in hot water. The company ended up getting dragged through the mud by then-lawyer Jack Thompson, as well as briefly going through a phase where GTA: San Andreas received an "Adults Only" rating, forcing it off store shelves.

Eventually the company was able to reverse course and release a version of GTA: San Andreas without the "Hot Coffee" mini-game, returning it to an 'M' for Mature rating and allowing the company to make bank on sales while also soaking in the mainstream controversy.

Midnight Club: Los Angeles on the other hand didn't court any kind of major controversies on the level of GTA. It was the last Midnight Club that Rockstar made, and it came out back on the Xbox 360 and PS3 in 2008... an entire decade ago. The game received generally positive reviews and was celebrated for loving promotion of tuner car culture.

The most casual game of the three is obviously Rockstar Table Tennis. A lot of people originally thought that maybe this was some kind of special game with a hidden agenda of some sort where the game would be ultra violent or ultra sexual, but it wasn't. Rockstar Table Tennis was literally just a normal table tennis game with multiplayer options.

The three games are currently available right now as backwards compatible titles for the Xbox One family of systems. If you already own them on your Xbox Live account you can import them right now by simply installing them from your profile. If you still own the original discs, you can install them on your Xbox One hard drive and begin playing them as soon as the installation finishes.

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