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Watch A Fortnite Streamer Lose His Mind After Getting A $75,000 Donation

In the midst of one of his regular streams, popular Fortnite player Exotic Chaotic received a donation that seemed too good to be true. It was for $75,000, and it was apparently 100 percent legitimate.

Ninja Defends Twitch's New Year's Eve Countdown Ads

Advertisements promoting popular streamer Ninja's New Year's Eve event have started popping up on Twitch, which is causing quite a bit of frustration for other streamers.

Blizzard Has A New Plan To Clean Up Twitch Chat

A lot of companies don't like when people use words, phrases, expressions, or forms of communications that they deem inappropriate, uncouth, or hateful. Blizzard has a new plan to clean things up.

Twitch Streamer Puts 95 Hours Into Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Before Finding Tutorial

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild boasts a diverse cast of enemies and a handy arsenal of abilities to help Link overcome them. Unless you are Twitch streamer negaoryx, who completely missed the tutorial.

Rock Band's Developer Will Help Turn Twitch Into A Karaoke Bar

We haven't heard much from Harmonix in recent times, especially as the company has undergone some troubles with its brands. However, Harmonix is looking to come back in a big way by leveraging the massive audience of millions of viewers on Twitch in order to help turn the streaming platform into an interactive karaoke bar.

Twitch Has Been Blocked In China

Twitch is no longer available in China, suddenly pulled from the iOS App Store in the midst of a unique time for games and gaming culture in the region.

Ninja Clarifies Statements About Not Playing With Female Streamers

It was revealed over the weekend that popular Fortnite player, Ninja, has some very specific reasons for not streaming with female gamers. Given the fallout over those comments, he's since offered clarification.

Here's What's Coming To Twitch Prime In August

Amazon's service is trying to gain a foothold in the digital subscription arena with Twitch Prime, and the company has been adding free games to giveaway along with the subscription each month. The games for August were recently revealed, giving Twitch Prime members an idea of what's in store for the digital service.

Twitch Is Celebrating Prime Day With A Massive Game Giveaway

The livestreaming company announced that it's giving away lots of free games for Twitch Prime subscribers, and it's all part of the Prime Day celebration that's currently underway and will run through part of July.

Twitch Counter Sues Streamer Who Was Banned

The plot thickens in the ongoing case between Twitch and former streamer James Varga.

Twitch Is Trying To Take On Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

They say that great minds think alike, or that two heads are better than one, but "they" have never witnessed the absolute chaos that is a "Twitch Plays" series. The latest game the community is attempting to beat is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, so we figure this challenge is going to be a pretty long haul.

Why A Twitch Show Resorted To Using View Bots

In the world of streaming entertainment, viewership is very important. For The Attack's Kevin Pereira, it was important enough to resort to view-botting to boost his channel's numbers.

Twitch Prime Is Giving Away A Bunch Of Games

One of the big selling points of most premium services these days is that there are free benefits thrown in to help improve the appeal of the subscription service. In the case of Amazon's Twitch Prime there are a bunch of free games being given away.

Drake Played Fortnite And Twitch Went Crazy

Twitch has been growing vastly in popularity since being acquired by Amazon over the last few years, but things have taken a drastic turn for the better after the rapper Drake hopped onto Twitch to check out Epic Games' Fortnite.

Now You Can Earn In Game Items For Watching The Overwatch League

What's better than watching your favorite game? How about earning free stuff in the game just for watching it? That seems to be the gist behind a new initiative from Blizzard that will help to lure in gamers to watch the Overwatch League on streaming services.

Twitch Now Has As Many Viewers As Some Cable TV Stations

The exorbitant rise of streaming content isn't just relegated to Netflix, Hulu and Amazon TV. Live-streaming and streaming culture is also taking video games by storm, including bolstering massive viewership numbers for services like Twitch, which now has as many viewers as some cable TV stations.

Twitch Has Instituted A Dress Code For Streamers

One of the most talked about issues with the Twitch community is the dress code. This has been an issue for years, but Twitch has finally decided to do something about it. The company isn't just making this change for the gaming part of the community, but for every aspect of Twitch.

Facebook Is Adding Monetization For Streamers

In order to catch the best games streams these days, folks typically turn to services like Twitch or YouTube. If Facebook's latest pilot program takes off, they hope to be added to that list as well.

Twitch Just Closed A Major Deal With Disney

In yet another big move for Twitch, the company has inked a deal with Disney that sees several of the multimedia giant's top online personalities creating exclusive content for the service.

The Insane Amount Of Money Twitch Reportedly Spent On The Overwatch League Deal

Overwatch is huge, and it's expected that the upcoming Overwatch League will be huge, too. So it's no surprise that Twitch was willing to fork over a huge amount of money to secure broadcasting rights for those upcoming competitions.

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