Does Star Trek: Prodigy Mean Kate Mulgrew Will Return To Star Trek Via Live-Action? Here’s What She Said

Kate Mulgrew amazed Star Trek fans with her return to the franchise through Star Trek: Prodigy. Now, Captain Kathryn Janeway is back as an emergency hologram tasked with helping the heroes of the animated series as they try and fly the Starfleet ship Protostar. It’s an exciting opportunity to get to see Mulgrew voice a character similar to but different from the traditional Janeway, but will it open the door for Mulgrew to reprise the role of Janeway in live-action? 

I spoke to Kate Mulgrew ahead of the premiere of Star Trek: Prodigy about the upcoming Paramount+ series, and we broached the topic of whether or not her role as hologram Janeway could lead to a live-action appearance in Star Trek: Picard or another series. Mulgrew quickly pointed out it was a tough question but responded with all she could offer on the topic.

That’s a good question and a tough question because I don’t really have an answer, and nobody has asked. So, I’m fine, in the moment. I suspect they will ask at some point because – for legacy purposes, if nothing else. It would be very interesting to see her once more. And then we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. But as you can see, I have a very difficult time saying no to Janeway, don’t I?

No one has asked Kate Mulgrew to appear in a new live-action Star Trek series as Janeway, but it’s not something she’s can't see happening. Perhaps most important is that she teased she’d have trouble turning down an offer if one came by, which is excellent news for fans of Star Trek: Voyager. Securing Janeway may not be the only step in creating a Voyager successor series, but it’s certainly a big one. 

Right now, Star Trek fans will just need to experience Kate Mulgrew as Janeway via Star Trek: Prodigy. As an emergency hologram, there are some key differences between the living and breathing Janeway and the hologram based on her. Mulgrew teased that as a hologram, this Janeway won’t have quite the same fiery attitude the captain did in Star Trek: Voyager and will approach conflict with the younger crew of the Protostar with a softer touch. 

Star Trek: Prodigy will introduce a younger audience to the core concepts of the Star Trek franchise. Children can learn via Dal and the characters featured in the animated series, as the main characters aren’t that familiar with Starfleet due to their circumstances. It’s a great gateway for a new generation to the larger world of Trek, and who better from the franchise to welcome young fans into that world than Janeway? 

Star Trek: Prodigy premieres on Paramount+ on Thursday, October 28, and will air on Nickelodeon at a later date. For more on the world of Star Trek, check out what William Shatner had to say in response to some questionable comments from Geroge Takei.

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