James Bond Director Marc Forster Shares His Emotional Opinion Of Daniel Craig’s Fate In No Time To Die

Daniel Craig looks up bittersweetly in No Time To Die.
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As No Time To Die put a final, emotional punctuation on the Daniel Craig era of James Bond movies, the reaction was quite varied. Most saw the ending to the 25th 007 adventure as a bittersweet coda, while others reacted as if it was one of the series’ worst decisions. However, when it came to the reaction of Quantum of Solace director Marc Forster, only one word came to mind when he shared his opinion: “sad.” 

Speaking with Forster on behalf of his new film, the Sony/Tom Hanks dramedy A Man Called Otto, our own Sean O’Connell asked the filmmaker that helped define the Daniel Craig Bond films about the still shocking finale. Much like the world at large, the man admitted to CinemaBlend that he didn’t know anything about this outcome. Which allowed Marc Forster to share the following reaction:

I didn't know it, so it was very unexpected when I saw it. And I saw it before it was out in the public. So I was taken by surprise, like everyone else. And you know, I have this love of Bond, so I don't want Bond to be killed. I want Bond to go on and live forever. But I think it was a bold choice and I'm sure Daniel and Barbara and Michael, they all discussed it. I thought there was definitely the shock value. It was also emotional, and made me sad. But, you know, there will be another 007. There has to be. … I have some people who are very angry, or upset. It didn't make me upset. I just was more saddened because I didn't want Bond to die.

The reactions to No Time To Die’s killer ending haven’t all been somber remembrances. Just recently composer Hans Zimmer made 007’s death sound hilarious in his recollections. However, Marc Forster’s remarks about the death of Commander Bond are pretty much in line with what you’d expect from anyone who knows the franchise well. While James Bond will return, it’s still as much of a sadness as it is a stumbling block for the future.

No one knows just what will be in store for Bond 26, especially with how it'll handle the debut of the next face of Bond. The inevitability involved is that this will happen, it's just a question of how. In terms of what Forster has said above, he knows that eventuality is in place, but was still saddened by James Bond sacrificing himself in the name of love. 

Bond’s death was something that had been in the works since Daniel Craig made the request after Casino Royale’s premiere. For it to have been that much of a surprise for so long is a testament to how secretive the 007 family can be at times. With even Marc Forster not expecting this gigantic twist, there’s no telling what sorts of surprises the folks at EON Productions are keeping up their sleeves at the moment. Let’s just hope the next round dealt into theaters doesn’t involve as many tears and/or anger as No Time To Die has inspired.  

A Man Called Otto heads to theaters to warm hearts in limited release on December 25th, just in time to heat up the awards season race. The film will debut in wide release on January 13, as part of the 2023 new movie releases. Meanwhile, you can watch Marc Forster’s Quantum of Solace with a Netflix subscription, as the film is currently available on that platform alongside Casino Royale and Skyfall

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