No Time To Die May Have Killed James Bond, But Hans Zimmer's Apology To Daniel Craig Kind Of Makes It Funny

Daniel Craig looks up bittersweetly in No Time To Die.
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There were certainly tears to be shed at the end of No Time To Die, as Daniel Craig’s 007 sacrificed himself for the greater good. Making for a landmark event in the history of James Bond movies, it’s a result that’s still talked about a little over a year after it finally landed in theaters. Such a somber, heartbreaking moment doesn’t make for easily light conversation... unless you’re someone like composer Hans Zimmer, who gleefully reflected on how he, musically, killed Commander Bond.

In a recent Instagram video, the Academy Award-winning maestro threw his fate to the wind in a game of “Hans Zimmer Trivia.” With the filter landing on No Time To Die as the score in question, Zimmer laughed and delivered the following apology, as well as some cheeky reflection: 

Who would have ever thunk I was gonna be the one to kill off James Bond? You know, I mean, what an honor. I mean, it was incredible, being asked to, you know, I actually did it with my friend Steve Mazzaro, who's a brilliant composer. And the two of us, sorry about this Daniel, but we just had to go and finish you off.

Despite the fact that Daniel Craig sealed Commander Bond’s fate seemingly from the beginning, one would imagine that he’d get quite the laugh out of Maestro Zimmer’s “apology.” Roping in his co-conspirator, composer Steve Mazzaro, this admission of guilt couldn’t be funnier. The way that Hans Zimmer describes the scenario sounds more like he's apologizing for taking Daniel Craig's parking spot rather than referencing the explosive finale to the 25th 007 mission.

While this message may be hilarious, the work that Hans Zimmer and Steve Mazzaro did on the No Time To Die score is far from it. Drawing influence from not only the haunting Billie Eilish theme tune, but also cribbing key moments of music from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, it’s a body of work that trades in adrenaline and heartbreak.

The best example of both emotions at work is the cue “Final Ascent,” which leads into James Bond’s final moments of life. You can listen to that song for yourself below in all of its dramatic glory. Like any typical Hans Zimmer score, the track runs a little longer than most music cues, but it’s worth the time. 

The death of James Bond closed out the Daniel Craig era of films in the most logical manner thanks to the tightly-woven continuity started with Casino Royale. Just as whoever plays the next Bond will have a tough act to follow in the shadow of Craig’s performance, the next musical score will have Hans Zimmer’s amazing work to compete with. 

On the bright side, whomever the next composer is will be able to claim that they brought 007 back to life, which is just as exciting as sending him to his doom. Hans Zimmer’s music, and Daniel Craig’s intense performance, await in No Time To Die, which can be streamed by those who possess an active Prime Video subscription.

While you’re at it, you can learn more about the legacy of 007 music by watching The Sound of 007 documentary. With sections that focus keenly on Zimmer’s score, the insight into the creation of this lethal James Bond score is vital viewing. 

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