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'Moon Knight' Episode 2 "Summon The Suit" | Analysis & Review

“Moon Knight” is a new fan favorite on Disney+ starring Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hunt, and CinemaBlend’s resident expert Law Sharma is here to break down everything we saw in episode 2, “Summon the Suit.” This week he discusses who’s really in control of Steven/Marc’s body, everything we learned about Arthur, the official introduction of Layla, and more!

Video Chapters

00:00 - Intro

01:03 - Who Is In Control?

01:07 - Conflict Between Marc & Steven

01:34 - Khonshu’s Power Over Them

02:26 - Mr. Knight vs. Moon Knight

03:11 - Storage Unit 43 Easter Egg

04:23 - A More Harrowing Arthur Harrow

04:51 - Arthur & Khonshu’s History

05:26 - Ammit’s Former Avatar

06:10 - How The Scales Work

07:10 - Layla Enters The Ring

07:26 - The Window To Marc’s Past

08:05 - Her Influence On Steven’s Personality

08:47 - Why Khonshu Wants Layla

09:17 - Lingering Questions

09:22 - How Will Egypt Change The Story?

09:53 - How Long Was Marc In Control Before Steven’s Revelation?

10:50 - How Does The Supernatural Dimension Work?

11:30 - Is There A Deeper Meaning To Arthur’s Purple Energy?

12:00 - Will The Lunar Cycle Affect Moon Knight’s Powers?

12:45 - Outro

Law Sharma
Law Sharma

Law was raised in the Bay and is based in LA. Major pop-culture enthusiast and a giant nerd. Advocate for the AAPI community. Gryffindor. Possible superhero.