Snowpiercer Executive Producer Talks What's Next For Layton And Wilford After Surprising Season 3 Twist

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Snowpiercer Season 3 episode “The First Blow.” Read at your own risk!

Snowpiercer finally had Layton and Wilford go to war (something Daveed Diggs surely appreciated), and while it seemed like both sides prepared for a long and grueling encounter, the whole ordeal ended rather quickly. Layton managed to corner Wilford, and the mastermind behind the Eternal Engine commanded the crew of Big Alice to stand down.  

So, what’s next for Layton and Wilford after that surprising twist? I spoke to Snowpiercer director and executive producer Christoph Schrewe, and he talked about showrunner Graeme Mason and teased there’s still a lot of time left in Season 3.

Graeme Manson our showrunner loves the unexpected twists and turns. The last word is not spoken. . .so far you have seen the battle. There is a chance that Layton might win the first round, but who knows? It’s not over. Let’s put it that way. Whenever you think it’s over, it’s not over.

Andre Layton might’ve won the battle, but as Christoph Schrewe said, there’s still a war going on. Obviously, Layton scored a big win with the Big Alice and Snowpiercer crews with the promise of an outside, warm zone that they’ll all be able to live on, and he had the perfect prop in Asha, the woman from outside the train. Asha backed up Layton’s story and added the information that she’s from the zone herself. 

Asha isn’t telling the truth, of course, and there’s a handful of people on the train that actually know that. Layton, Ruth, Ben, Alex (played by Rowan Blanchard), and others are just some of the people who collectively agreed to keep the secret, all in a vote of confidence that Layton knows what he’s doing following his mysterious vision. It’s also worth noting that Melanie’s science experiments (which got a standalone episode) from Season 2 do confirm the Earth is warming, so it’s not like everyone involved is blindly following Layton’s vision. 

Snowpiercer’s Andre Layton is playing a dangerous game. He’s only just regained control of Big Alice and Snowpiercer and immediately pushed a lie in order to trick a democratic vote on the train’s path in his favor. That’s something that can easily be used against Layton and potentially shift the scales back in favor of Wilford or just about anyone wanting to run the train. Layton first gained control of the train by exposing a lie, so it’s not wild to believe he could lose it the same way. 

For now, though, Layton is in control on Snowpiercer, which airs Mondays at 9:00 p.m. ET on TNT. It’s just one of many must-see shows in the 2022 TV schedule, all of which are great to catch up on during this slight lull in programming in the winter season. 

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