Why Matthew McConaughey Has Never Reprised A Character… Until Sing 2

Matthew McConaughey has been in the film industry for about 30 years and has a number of iconic roles on his resume, not to mention an Academy Award. Regardless of his accomplishments, there’s one thing that the actor has yet to do at this point in his career: reprise one of his characters for a sequel. However, that will soon change with the upcoming release of Sing 2, where he’ll once again voice the lovable koala named Buster Moon. Still, one can’t help but wonder how such a thing took this long.

Typically an actor as accomplished as Matthew McConaughey would have starred in a number of sequels by now, especially in this day and age where franchises and reboots are all too common. When CinemaBlend asked him why he’d avoided reprising characters until now, the actor said this:

Most of them I feel so sacred about. I'm hesitant to bring them back. We've talked about a second Dazed And Confused. There was a second Magic Mike. Dark Tower would have been a series if it would have succeeded and done well enough at the box office to go make another one. But no, I'm very happy with where all the characters I've played live on their own, and they all have their own beginning, middle, and end and I'm happy with where they ended.

It’s worth noting that Matthew McConaughey hadn’t realized this about his own career until he was asked, so he was just as surprised as anyone that none of his characters had returned to the big screen. But it seems that, after considering why, he simply believed their stories had ended, and none of them warranted a follow-up. 

So then why Sing 2? The film has a stacked cast, and the first installment was a surprise smash, but Matthew McConaughey has been part of a number of very successful projects. Why did it take almost 30 years for the man to make a sequel? Here's what he had to say:

Well, maybe the fact that it's an animated character had something to do with it. Maybe it's the fact that it's an easily scalable character to say, OK, first one's about getting your show up in your town. Now it's raised the stakes naturally to go, let's get it in our so-called Vegas on the bigger stage where the stakes are higher. And then what if we're using three? Would I be up for that? Most likely, yeah.

It seems that Matthew McConaughey wanted to ensure that if he were to bring a character back, said character would be “scalable.” This is understandable, as we’ve all seen our fair share of franchises that just went on far too long, struggling to shove their existing characters into new scenarios. Not only did McConaughey determine that Buster Moon was worth revisiting, but he also dropped that he’d likely be down for a third installment. 

Sing 2 isn’t Matthew McConaughey’s only upcoming character reprisal, so maybe he’s just at that point in his career. You can see the animated film on December 22!

Jeff McCobb
Senior Video Producer

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