A Universal Orlando Fan Had A Clever Idea For A New Fast And Furious Ride, But Fans Are Divided

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For over a year now, we’ve been hearing about a dual-track rollercoaster headed to Universal Orlando’s already-announced Epic Universe. The new theme park on the Universal property is expected to open in 2025 and while some of its content has been confirmed a lot of it is still just guesswork at this point. Unsurprisingly, this means Universal fans have been happy to run rampant with speculation over what’s coming, and one in particular recently revealed a clever potential ipo idea for the coaster, though not everyone agrees. 

Taking to Reddit, a Universal Orlando fan shared the idea that the coaster should be Fast and Furious-themed. It’s a clever idea, namely because the rumored coaster in Epic Universe has been projected to be in an area called Celestial Gardens, which will reportedly have a space theme. Bear with me. 

Normally I’d say that “space” would most certainly exclude any chance of a Fast & Furious ride, but as you probably already know F9 finally achieved the unlikely and took Tej and Roman into space. (If you missed this development, catch it in the F9 trailer.) Ergo, even knowing the supposed theme for that area of the park, this is not the worst idea I have ever heard a Universal fan bandy about. 

Some fans did get on board with the idea immediately. One Universal Orlando user noted “I would die for this to happen.” Another said they aren’t super into the Vin Diesel-fronlined “family” franchise, but having said this, they also admitted, “That being said a racing coaster is exactly the type of ride that should have been built for the franchise.” 

Others were not so keen, with one user noting, “I'm not sure I've ever downvoted a post faster.” Another blunt user mentioned, “GTFO. The franchise is basically dead.” (Well, there are at least two more Fast & Furious movies coming, plus an alleged spinoff about Charlize Theron’s Cipher reportedly in the works.)

Meanwhile, there is already a Fast and Furious-themed ride at Universal Orlando. That ride, Fast & Furious: Supercharged, did not get the warmest reception after its party bus experience was fully revealed. It’s also similar to Skull Island: Reign of Kong, but with less exciting theming. If anything, the Fast and Furious movies deserve a high-octane attraction before they end their run in theaters, with one poster adding: 

As much as I don't care for the F&F franchise, I've always thought that the concept had a ton of theme park potential. Considering, like OP said, their current attempt has been a dud, maybe it wouldn't be the worst idea to try again but this time with an actual ride instead of with an incredibly bad F&F short film.

Obviously, we don’t know what’s going to happen yet. While some details in Epic Universe, including a Super Nintendo-themed area in the third park, have been confirmed, others, like additional Harry Potter experiences have been rumored. In short, there’s a lot still left to be uncovered. And I can’t wait to hear what the third gate park will officially be adding coming up.

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