The Latest Update On Universal Orlando's Epic Universe Could Be Good News For Harry Potter Fans

Daniel Radcliffe in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.
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We haven’t heard much about Universal Orlando Resort’s new Epic Universe theme park in a while. After the third gate was put on hold at the height of the global pandemic we were given the impression that construction might not restart for years. Since then we’ve learned that Epic Universe is actually moving forward, and the latest update will be very good news for Harry Potter fans as some new permits have been submitted that would seem to have to do with the new Wizarding World land.

Both of the existing Universal Orlando Resort theme parks, Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure, have lands dedicated to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and while it was initially rumored that Epic Universe would get a land themed after the more recent Fantastic Beasts films, more recent indications have been the land will be geared more toward the Harry Potter era to match the other parks. And that new space is apparently moving forward as some permits have been filed in Orlando that line up with what is believed to be the new Wizarding World space.

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Alicia Stella of Orlando Park Stop, an expert on Universal Orlando Resort (and the Pied Piper of PizzeRizzo) posted these permits which she says are for construction on the area of Epic Universe which is expected to be the home of the new Wizarding World area. While Epic Universe is still moving fairly slowly, all things considered, these permits are the first momentum we’ve seen in a while. It might be an indication that work on the park as a whole is going to be moving forward. 

Of course, with the fact that the land has apparently been undergoing something of an overhaul, away from the previously planned Fantastic Beasts theme, what this construction actually is, is a bit less clear.

One attraction that is expected is a ride that would put guests on a physical broom, as well as in a set of VR goggles, for a broom riding experience. This was part of the original concept for the land when it was still Fantastic Beasts, and while the story of the ride will change, the core mechanics are expected to remain. 

Epic Universe is still a few years away of course, but it’s so much closer than we once thought it would be. And maybe this is the start of some real progress. The longer anything new takes, the further off the park actually is. 

The only part of the new theme park that has ever been officially confirmed is Orlando’s version of Super Nintendo Land. Beyond that, while we have some pretty reliable rumors, nothing has ever been confirmed, so anything can happen. Any of the lands that were previously reported may undergo massive changes or be scrapped altogether in favor of something new.

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