After Dropping Shady Tom Cruise Comments, Mickey Rourke Also Has A Take On Johnny Depp And Amber Heard’s Legal Battle

Mickey Rourke seems to have some hot Hollywood takes to share these days. The actor, who rarely ever minces words, recently made headlines for sharing some not-so-nice thoughts on Tom Cruise. When asked about the actor’s recent success with Top Gun: Maverick, Rourke said that it “doesn’t mean shit” to him and accused Cruise of playing “the same effing part for 35 years.”  Now, it seems that he also has thoughts on the ongoing legal battle between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, and he didn’t hold back on that discussion, either. 

The 69-year-old actor shared his sentiments on Tom Cruise as well as his two cents on Amber Heard and Johnny Depp during an appearance on Piers Morgan Uncensored. When talk turned to the former couple’s heated defamation case, Mickey Rourke showed empathy for Depp, who he knows. This apparent support seems to stem from a past career setback that Rourke experienced years ago: 

[I’ve known] Johnny for many years, but I don’t really know him intimately. All I could say is I was in a situation one time where I got blamed for something that I didn’t do. It cost me movie jobs for several years, and it caused me a bad reputation. Finally, the truth came out, but the truth came out after I lost movies and I lost jobs, and so I felt bad for somebody that is trying to get chopped down by some gold digger.

The situation that the Oscar-nominated actor may be referring to is an incident that occurred in 1994, when he was arrested on suspicion of spouse abuse. The charges against him were ultimately dropped after prosecutors were unable to get his then-wife, model Carré Otis, to testify in court. It was during that decade that the actor experienced a bit of a professional dry spell. 

Though Mickey Rourke and Johnny Depp apparently don’t know each other “intimately,” they have been acquainted for some time now. The two worked together one Robert Rodriguez’s 2003 action flick Once Upon a Time in Mexico. This isn’t the first time that Rourke has spoken out on Depp’s professional/and or personal relationship with Amber Heard. He spoke to TMZ about it in 2016 and cast doubt on the idea of Depp committing the abuse Heard accused him of. Rourke remained diplomatic at the time when it came to Heard’s character but, during this latest interview, he gave a blunt response when asked if he thinks she’s truly a gold digger:

Abso-fucking-lutely. Absolutely.

Following the six-week defamation trial, the jury reached a verdict that awarded Johnny Depp a compensatory $10 million and $5 million in punitive damages. Amber Heard was also awarded $2 million in her countersuit and, as it stands, she must pay her former hubby $8.3 million (due to the punitive charges being lowered). Heard’s legal team has claimed that she can’t pay her ex the millions of dollars. Though shortly after that assertion was made, Heard was spotted using a private plane

The Aquaman actress is currently looking to get the verdict thrown out due to an alleged issue with Juror 15, who she and her team claimed is not the person who was summoned. Johnny Depp’s legal team responded, saying that the star is no longer within her right to take issue with the accuracy of the jury panel. There’s sure to be more to come in regard to that situation and, in the meantime, I wouldn’t be surprised if Mickey Rourke drops more honest thoughts on them, Tom Cruise and other Hollywood A-listers.

Erik Swann
Senior Content Producer

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