Creed III’s Jonathan Majors Opens Up About Getting Punched In The Face Over And Over

Jonathan Majors in The Harder They Fall
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A brand new Creed movie is on the horizon and that means lots of great fight action on screen. Like the Rocky movies that came before, the boxing sequences in Creed while certainly still staged, require some at least fairly real punches to be thrown. And Jonathan Majors took more than his share of shots from Michal B. Jordan it seems. The good news is that no damage was done.

Jonathan Majors certainly worked to play the part of a professional boxer. Variety reports that at the recent Academy Awards his wrists were too big for an after party wristband to fit. And he also admitted to getting knocked around, quite significantly, but he still feels fine. Majors said… 

I got punched in the face about 100 times, but it’s all OK!

Most of us, I hope, have never been punched in the face. It doesn’t strike me as something that is particularly pleasant. Getting hit in the face multiple times, and going to work each day knowing that you’re going to be hit in the face, sounds like something that just isn’t a lot of fun. While he might be exaggerating the number of shots he took the face, he clearly was hit a lot. One might expect at least some injuries from that, but it sounds like he’s doing well.

And it certainly could have been worse. We’ve heard the story, from both sides, about how Sylvester Stallone ended up in the hospital during the production of Rocky IV. The punches that Stallone took from Dolph Lundgren were enough to seriously injure the star of the movie. As far as we know, history did not repeat itself here and Michael B. Jordan is also doing just fine, except that he missed his girlfriend Lori Harvey during filming

Who Jonathan Majors will be playing in Creed III is still largely a mystery. We know that he’s the “bad guy,” the antagonist that Adonis Creed will need to overcome in the boxing ring. Beyond that, we don’t know anything about where this character came from or how he will inform the drama outside the ring, which is usually more than half of the real story for the Rocky films and the Creed films as well. 

If the fight sequences in Creed III are worth all the shots to the head, then that should certainly mean we’re in for a great movie. Both of the previous Creed films have been good and with the new entry being the first that will not include Sylvester Stallone, it will give Michael B. Jordan’s Adonis Creed a real chance to shine. The same goes for behind the camera as the movie marks Jordan’s directorial debut

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