Michael B Jordan And Lori Harvey Are 'Missing' Each Other As Production Continues On Creed 3

Michael B. Jordan fists raised in the boxing ring in Creed II
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Making movies, for the most part, seems like it’s a pretty cool job that’s lots of fun. You get to travel to different places and often see things you might not otherwise get to see. But there is potentially a downside as all that travel can take you away from your loved ones for extended periods. Such is the case currently with Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey, who are adorably missing each other which Jordan directs and stars in Creed III.

Lori Harvey shared a hilarious image on Instagram that shows her laughing at something which has caused Michael B. Jordan to give her some serious side eye. She mentions that she misses him, and Jordan responded to the image saying that he also misses her. Seriously, these two are too cute. 

Michael B Jordan and Lori Harvey

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The thing that is keeping the lovebirds apart is the production of a little movie called Creed III. The newest movie in the franchise that was born form the Rocky films is currently shooting and this time, in addition to starring in it, Michael B. Jordan is directing the feature. It will be his directorial debut, and one can guess he’s pretty focused on the film. While he’s likely separated from his girlfriend by distance, Jordan's also got a lot to do and likely wouldn’t have much time for a personal life.

Creed III will also be a different movie for Michael B. Jordan in front of the camera as well as behind it. It’s the first movie in the series that will not include Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa. While Jordan’s Adonis Creed has always been the focus of these recent films, he’s also shared screen time with Stallone, but he will likely be carrying the story of Creed III largely on his own. Although it’s possible we could see an expanded role for Tessa Thompson in the sequel now that there’s more room for her.

What the actual story of Creed III will be is very much still a mystery. Without Stallone’s involvement it seems likely that it will be a plot that doesn’t directly connect to Rocky himself the way the last two movies have. In the same way that the Rocky movies simply introduced a new challenger for Balboa in each film, we’ll likely see a new character come along who wants to take down the champ. In this case that role is being played by Jonathan Majors, though details on the character are few.

While Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan are clearly looking forward to seeing each other again, the rest of us are looking forward to Creed III. The movie doesn’t have nan official release date yet but considering that the movie isn’t going to require the sort of post-production work that often delays movies after filming is wrapped, a release at the end of 2022 is still very likely. 

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