Dior Took Flack For Working With Johnny Depp After The Amber Heard Trial. Turns Out, It’s Going Well

For the last couple of years Johnny Depp has spent more time in courtrooms than he has on movie screens. And following a couple of high-profile separations between Depp and studios, his future film remains in question. But there is one place where Johnny Depp’s image has remained recently, in ads for the Dior Sauvage perfume. And while some criticized the beauty brand for not cutting ties with Depp as others have, the relationship has apparently only been good news for Dior and its parent company. 

According to the most recent financial report for LVMH (via Glossy), Dior Sauvage was a “leader in perfume sales” that saw strong growth and is seen as one of the primary points of success for the parent company in 2022. That success was, according to the report “driven by the image of Johnny Depp.” CEO Bernard Arnault classified the ads that use Depp as “working very well.”

Depp has been the face of the fragrance since it launched in 2015 and while it took some blowback when the legal drama between Depp and Amber Heard began, it decided to keep the relationship going. Depp has been featured in TV commercials, in-store displays, and on social media. Not only did Dior not end its relationship with Depp, but his contract was reportedly extended in 2022.

This is in stark contrast to the way that Depp’s studio relationships were handled during the same period. Almost immediately after Depp’s loss in a U.K. libel suit that dealt with the accusation that Depp had abused Amber Heard, the actor was let go by Warner Bros. and was replaced in the Fantastic Beasts film franchise by Mads Mikkelsen. Even before that Disney had made it clear that while it planned to continue the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise, it would do so without Captain Jack Sparrow

Whether it’s due to Depp’s involvement or in spite of it, it’s clear that the fragrance company isn’t suffering any ill effects by continuing its association with Johnny Depp. And it likely wasn’t simply the result of the defamation verdict going in his favor, as it seems the company saw success with Depp throughout the year. 

Now that the defamation case and its appeal have been settled, one assumes Johnny Depp will be getting back to making movies. What’s unclear is how the major studios will respond to him. While the actor has continued making film and tv, his recent projects have been smaller. It’s possible that with the recent case being settled in his favor, and with Dior’s success as precedent, we might see Depp back starring in a major film before too long, but that hasn’t happened yet. 

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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