James Bond: MGM Exec Provides Update On Search For Daniel Craig’s Successor

No Time To Die is still having its day in theaters around the world, with a PVOD and home video release keeping the fires roaring for the film’s presence. That’s not going to stop people from looking for the latest news on who the next 007 will be, and MGM motion picture group president Pamela Abdy knows that just as well as anyone. This is why it’s so interesting that, in a recent interview, she provides an update on the search for Daniel Craig’s successor.

Don’t go thinking we’ve seen Tom Hardy or Tom Hopper named the next Bond just yet. Ms. Abdy’s talk with THR went exactly in the direction you’d expect, with no new actor named to inherit the Ian Fleming legacy. However, it is interesting that when it comes to the kickoff for the next chapter in this legendary franchise, the following events have taken place: 

It’s wide open. We’ve had very early preliminary conversations with Barbara [Broccoli] and Michael [Wilson], but we wanted Daniel to have his last hurrah.

Through various interviews, appearances, and even in the Being James Bond documentary, Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson both have shown their love and respect for the Daniel Craig era. Any time someone asks about the future of the 007 series, the default answer has been that the focus is on No Time To Die’s victory lap and next year’s 60th anniversary of the James Bond films. Now it appears that “very early preliminary conversations” have taken place. While that slightly undermines the company line, the "wide open" nature of this talk means there's still all the time in the world to discuss who could take the lead. 

For all anyone knows, those early talks were a simple reinforcement that the stewards of EON Productions are going to keep to the timeline they’ve already discussed. Meaning the search for the next tuxedoed super agent working for Her Majesty will still take place at some point in 2022. That being said, there is one possible aspect that may be set into motion in these very early stages. While we don’t know who will be the next James Bond, the potential tone and casting of the character may have been a part of this initial chat. 

Perhaps Pamela Abdy, Barbara Broccoli, and Michael G. Wilson have agreed that they want a younger actor that can engage in a multi-film run, on a more clockwork production schedule. Or maybe, there was a gentle nodding of heads when thinking about keeping Henry Cavill in mind this time out. The decision is obviously not made just yet, but a blueprint for the future of 007 may well be established, allowing all parties to roll those thoughts in their heads as Daniel Craig celebrates the end of his magnificent tenure.

Celebration is still in order, as No Time To Die currently enjoys a release strategy that’s pulling viewers into theaters, as well as through PVOD rental. The rest of the year’s theatrical offerings can be found in our 2021 release schedule, just in case you want to schedule some last minute fun before the holidays. As for you sharp shoppers who want to bring home the finest gifts from the 007 universe, we’ve got the intelligence you need to make any James Bond fan’s holiday season.  

Mike Reyes
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