Gift Ideas For James Bond Fans: The Best Gifts For Fans Of 007

Ben Whishaw and Daniel Craig looking at a laptop together in Spectre.
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The holiday shopping season is officially upon us, with everyone looking for that special something to gift in the month to come. James Bond fans aren’t exempt from that sort of thing, as there’s a pretty wide market of products that Bond fans can give and receive to celebrate Ian Fleming’s literary creation. This year is especially rich in prospects, as all things No Time To Die have introduced some items into the pot that will surely make Daniel Craig’s departure worth celebrating. If you’re looking for the best gifts for fans of 007, look no further! 

We’ve got four categories of gifts for you to consider when shopping for that James Bond devotee in your life. From the inexpensive to the lavish, you can either get down to basics or spring for a few optional extras that’ll impress! Last, but not least, if you’re looking for items pertaining to the 25th James Bond film, currently in theaters and on PVOD, we’ve covered that ground for you as well. Feel free to mix a martini or two, or just grab another cup of coffee, as we’re about to dive into the world of James Bond gift giving. 

Moonsavers (gifts up to $100)

Quantum of Solace James Bond Funko Pop

(Image credit: Funko)

James Bond Funko Pops

Funko Pop figurines are a pretty safe bet, as who doesn’t want a mini version of Mr. Bond, his nemeses, and the women who helped him save the day on their shelf? Various figures from the entirety of 007 history are represented in this format, including a miniature replica of Mads Mikkelsen’s Le Chiffre from Casino Royale; complete with knotted rope in hand.

Buy James Bond Funko Pops on Amazon.

The cover art for James Bond's DB5 book.

(Image credit: Hero Collector)

James Bond’s DB5 By Simon Hugo And Will Lawrence

The storied relationship between the James Bond movies and Aston Martin started in 1964’s Goldfinger, with Sean Connery’s Bond being the first to drive the DB5 into cinema history. For those that love that iconic automotive marvel, and want to know more about its creation, James Bond’s DB5 will make for a fine addition to any bookshelf that holds volumes of 007 lore. 

Buy James Bond’s DB5 book on Amazon.

SIS Training Gear Basic Training t-shirt

(Image credit: SIS Training Gear)

SIS Training Gear's "Basic Training" T-Shirt

Any admirer of the style shown off in the Bond films will tell you that it’s a pretty pricey hobby. Which is why it’s a good thing that websites like SIS Training Gear exist, creating replicas of things like Commander Bond’s training outfit in Skyfall. Don’t forget to check out the t-shirts and various pieces of memorabilia sporting inside jokes and references to locations from the franchise. 

Buy the Basic Training t-shirt on the SIS Training Gear website.

The Daniel Craig Collection Box Art

(Image credit: MGM)

The Daniel Craig Movie Collection

You’d think that owning the James Bond movies would be a no-brainer for those who love them so much. Between the old tradition of TV marathons, the current revolving door of streaming rights, or even just the picky nature of 007 fans in general, that assumption isn’t as easy to make as you’d think. Which is why collection sets like the Daniel Craig Collection make good reserve gift ideas, as those who prefer the latest incarnation of Bond can own the first four films in one simple box. 

Buy the Daniel Craig Collection on Amazon. 

James Bond Ian Fleming modern cover art trio

(Image credit: Thomas & Mercer)

The Complete Ian Fleming Novels

Physical media is king in fandoms like James Bond, as you never know when or why something might disappear off the shelves. That doesn’t mean the digital retail space should be ignored though, especially if you know someone who’d like the complete Ian Fleming novel collection, but may be short on the shelf space to house them. It may not be an ultra-expensive set of first editions, but it’s a good way to give generously, without having to hold two nuclear warheads hostage to afford it.

Buy the complete Ian Fleming novels on Amazon.

James Bond John Gardner cover art trio

(Image credit: Ian Fleming Publications)

The Complete John Gardner Novels

What if your gift giving target already has the Ian Fleming novels? That’s not a problem, as you can give them the next piece of their 007 library: the complete run of John Gardner’s continuation novels. Bonus points are to be had with this digital set, as there’s actually two novelizations of Bond films included, thanks to License to Kill and Goldeneye

Buy the complete John Gardner novels on Amazon.

These Buys Are Lovely ($100 - $999)

The Ultimate James Bond Collection cover art.

(Image credit: MGM)

The Ultimate James Bond Collection

We’re stepping up the price brackets a little here, so don’t be alarmed by the pricing you’re about to encounter through these links. Circling back to the subject of owning all 25 James Bond movies, it’s going to be possible this holiday season. However, you’re going to need two separate purchases to do it, as the Ultimate James Bond Collection only goes up to Spectre’s inclusion. (Though, should you want to slip back into the previous price bracket, The James Bond Collection lacks the digital copies, but still packs the first 24 adventures, for a decent discount.)

Buy the James Bond Ultimate Collection on Amazon.

The LEGO Aston Martin DB5 set, assembled with box.

(Image credit: LEGO)

LEGO Aston Martin DB5

Want to make an Aston Martin fan’s holiday even more happy? On top of the newly released volume detailing the car’s creation and history, there’s now an official LEGO set of this sporty spy car. The good news is that it’s nowhere nearly as expensive as that massive Millennium Falcon playset. Though maybe that’ll change when/if they release a replica of the Venice finale of Casino Royale, complete with mini-figs of James and Vesper. 

Buy the LEGO Aston Martin DB5 on LEGO’s website.

Taschen's The James Bond Archives, pictured in a gun barrel.

(Image credit: Taschen)

The James Bond Archives, Edited By Paul Duncan

Book geeks know that if you want to really start splashing money around on the printed word, Taschen is a brand that is to be trusted. Updating their book The James Bond Archives to include details from No Time To Die, it’s a coffee table book that packs quite the insider’s perspective. 

Buy The James Bond Archives on Amazon.

The James Bond Secret Agent Attaché Case playset.

(Image credit: American Classic Toy, Inc)

James Bond Secret Agent Attache Case

This next item is pretty pricey, and only exists in limited quantities. But if you see someone’s eyes light up when you say the words James Bond Secret Agent Attache Case, this special treat is just the thing, should you have the Treasury funds to stake you. A re-issue of a classic toy set from the early days of 007 mania, it’s the perfect treat to kick off the 60th anniversary in style. 

Buy the James Bond Secret Agent Attache Case at the 007 Store website. 

Daniel Craig's Casino Royale gun barrel photographed by Greg Wiliiams

(Image credit: Greg Williams)

Limited Edition Greg Williams Photo Prints

Throughout the Daniel Craig era of James Bond, photographer Greg Williams has been on hand to capture any moment you could think of. Which makes the limited edition run of prints from his catalog a fantastic capper to the Craig run of films, representing everything from Casino Royale to No Time To Die in black and white beauty. Printed to order, you can snag these works of art in two different sizes, with two different prices to match.  

Buy Greg Williams photo prints at the 007 Store website.

The World Is Not Enough ($1000+)

The 007 Vulcanised Fibreboard Carry-on Trolley Case

(Image credit: Globe Trotter)

The 007 Vulcanised Fiberboard Carry-on Trolley Case

These last two standard offerings are part of the creme de la creme of James Bond shopping. If you’re not afraid of shelling out some serious salary in your shopping spree, then one such finery you can purchase is a piece from Globe-Trotter’s 007 luggage collection. The Vulcanised Fiberbore Carry-On Trolley Case is the entry level of this flush collection, so that gives you an idea of what to expect from the rest of the line; which also includes some No Time To Die pieces. 

Buy the 007 Vulcanised Fiberbore Carry-On Trolley Case at the 007 Store website.

Cammegh's James Bond Collector's Edition Roulette Wheel

(Image credit: Cammegh)

James Bond Collector’s Roulette Wheel

Here it is: the Mount Everest of James Bond gifts on this list. A roulette set created to be casino accurate, but on a smaller scale, can be in your shopping cart...if the price is right. Looking at that tag just might cause you to perspire, perhaps even weep a little bit. That said, if you’re looking to go big, and the sky’s the limit, you too can help that 007 fan you know so well live out their various casino fantasies in their own game room. 

Buy the James Bond Collector’s Roulette Wheel at the 007 Store website. 

Bonus Level: The No Time To Die Collection

No Time To Die 4K UHD cover art.

(Image credit: Universal Pictures Home Entertainment)

No Time To Die On Home Video

How can we complete the list of best gifts for 007 fans without a small detour into No Time To Die?! Even if your recipient has all of the Bond movies to date, they probably don’t have this one in their collection just yet. That’s because it’s not due out until December 21st, and you might be able to beat them to the punch by pre-ordering it now; from the internet, with love.

Buy No Time To Die on Amazon. 

The cover art to No Time To Die The Making Of The Film.

(Image credit: Titan Books)

No Time To Die: The Making of the Film, By Mark Salisbury

There’s a lot to unpack after No Time To Die’s explosive finale to the Daniel Craig era. Sorting through those feelings should be a lot easier, thanks to No Time To Die: The Making of the Film, which covers every nook and cranny you could think of. Yes, that includes some details on how far along Danny Boyle’s version of Bond 25 was, and how it influenced the finished product we now have on display.  

Buy No Time To Die: The Making of the Film on Amazon.

No Time To Die soundtrack album art

(Image credit: Decca)

No Time To Die's Soundtrack

Whether they’re a Billie Eilish fan or a Hans Zimmer/Steve Mazzaro groupie, the soundtrack for No Time To Die is an absolute must have. Crammed with references to John Barry classics, as well as a whole bunch of new and exciting sounds that include Eilish’s award-winning title song, this is a collection that has almost all of the highlights present in the sonic landscape of the latest Bond film. 

Buy No Time To Die’s soundtrack on Amazon.

The Best Of Bond James Bond album art

(Image credit: Capitol Records)

The Best Of Bond...James Bond Compilation:

If you really want to give the best in James Bond music, then you should absolutely pair the No Time To Die soundtrack with the latest reissue of the The Best of Bond...James Bond collection. Now including all 25 theme tunes, the key piece that this album includes is Louis Armstrong’s “We Have All The Time In The World.” We won’t discuss the significance too deeply here, but suffice it to say that this is something that’ll prove you truly know your stuff when it comes to 007 gifts. 

Buy The Best of Bond...James Bond on Amazon.

As we close this round of fun, games, and James Bond gifts, it should be noted that this is just a taste of what lies on the internet. It shouldn’t be hard for those of you with golden eyes of shopping prowess to find something equally unique, like say a George Lazenby photo personalized by the other fella himself. Whatever it is you’re looking for, be sure to take a breath and make it count, as gifts like these are the type that can last forever.  

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