Private Eye Looked Into Johnny Depp’s Past For Trial, Found Parallels Between His Dad And His Alleged Pirates Of The Caribbean Firing

Things are mostly quiet on the legal front between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, as we wait for the appeals that both sides have filed to work their way through the legal system. However, we’ve learned just as much, if not more, about the life of Johnny Depp since the trial ended than we did during it. Now a private investigator who was hired to look into Depp’s life is has revealed a parallel between Depp and his own father, as they both went through very public job losses. 

Paul Barresi, who was hired by Amber Heard’s legal team to look into Johnny Depp, recently spoke with the Law and Crime Sidebar podcast and he revealed about some strong similarities between father and son. Johnny Depp’s father, also named Jon, who was a civil servant in the 1960s who Barresi describes as a passive individual, a trait he also attributes to Johnny. This passivity was on display when Jon Depp lost a job so publicly he made the newspaper, something his son likely related to later in life when he also lost work very publicly.

Jon Depp was the city manager for the city of Frankfurt, Kentucky but he was fired from the job in 1969 after he attempted to draw up a new budget for the city that included a small tax increase. The city council and mayor didn’t like that and apparently pushed Depp out of his position. This is all known because it made the newspaper, making it a public affair. 

Johnny Depp has of course had his own very public job losses. He was let go from the Fantastic Beasts franchise following his loss in court in a libel lawsuit. We also know that Disney is moving forward with the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise without Depp. Barresi compared the firings of the two Depp’s saying… 

This is so much in continuity with what Johnny’s going through right now with dismissal from the Fantastic Beasts series and allegedly being fired from Pirates. Turning the other cheek sometimes isn’t a bad thing.

Barresi compliments Jon Depp’s passivity in this case, calling it strength, as the man did not start a fight over the job loss, he simply moved on. That’s certainly one way the two Depp’s are not similar, as Johnny Depp losing his role in the Pirates of the Caribbean was not something Johnny Depp simply moved on from, it became the basis for his defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard. 

Johnny Depp was six-years-old when his father lost the job as city manager, though it apparently wasn’t the only civil service job Jon Depp gained and lost over the years, so it’s unclear how much this public firing might have had on him. It’s certainly possible that the son was aware of it, and even thought about it while dealing with his own professional problems. 

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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