Titanic Is Returning To Theaters, And Folks Online Are Puzzled By Kate Winslet’s Hair In The Poster

Jack and Rose in Titanic
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Since James Cameron re-emerged towards the big screen with the long-awaited release of Avatar: The Way of Water, Valentine’s weekend will have Titanic sail its way into theaters 25 years later. However, there was something very strange about the upcoming release’s new poster. As Kate Winslet’s hair was strangely edited in this piece of advertisement, online folks couldn’t help but express their puzzled reactions to it.

The original poster of Titanic has been ingrained in our minds for decades of Jack Dawson cradling Rose Dewitt Bukater with the ill-fated ship underneath them. Strangely enough, the poster for Titanic 25th Anniversary gave us a puzzling discovery of Kate Winslet’s hair looking very different from what we see in the movie. One tweet noted that it looks like Rose is sporting two different hairstyles rolled up in one.

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This tweeter makes a good point as it looks like her hair is in an elegant bun on the right side, but her hair is flowing loosely on the left side. Following this tweet included a number of hilarious tweets from social media users who noticed the same strangeness like this next one that would make the cast of Legally Blonde very proud.

a perm? on the titanic? isn't the first cardinal rule of perm maintenance that you're forbidden to wet your hair for at least 24 hours after getting a perm.

I think that ship has sailed, pardon the pun. Here’s a fun fact about Kate Winslet’s hair in Titanic- she told Elle magazine that Rose was never supposed to have red hair, but it was a bold change made by director James Cameron. It’s not surprising considering in the Titanic screen test, we see Winslet with light blonde hair. Another Twitter user speculates Rose could have easily tried to get a perm before the Titanic sinking? This Park and Recreation meme prove that the process of getting a perm is no joke. 

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Another Twitter post joked about that extra hair being the reason there wasn’t room on the door. Oh, will the door debate ever stop?

Ahhh in the new one they probably explain there wasn't room on the door cause of her extra hair.

Despite how funny it is to see Kate Winslet sporting two different hairstyles in the new poster, one user gave their insightful observation that this editing technique may not be a fluke.

Because it represents the duality of her having to portray her societal role and the life she wishes to have, free, with Jack.

For all we know, that could end up being the truth. Considering what an accomplished filmmaker James Cameron is, you’d want to believe he put thought into the poster. Or maybe the poster’s designer was trying very hard to make this version different from the original. While we can’t unsee the character of Rose’s new ‘do, you can see Titanic 25th Anniversary in theaters on February 10th with the original version currently on your Paramount+ subscription

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