Earlier in the week we told you about Empire Magazine’s upcoming Wolverine cover issue, but that was based on the Magazine’s website showing, which left out an important element of their X-Men Origins: Wolverine coverage - they got a first look at another fan-favorite mutant - Gambit!

The Ragin’ Cajun was spotted in the coverage shown at San Diego Comic Con earlier this year, but has been absent from the limited press materials we’ve seen. Of course, it’s still early, so obviously Marvel was holding out for some sort of exclusive release of the character, which Empire managed to get. Unfortunately, they didn’t put an image among their online coverage, but our friends over at Coming Soon snagged a scan of the image, which shows Taylor Kitsch tossing Gambit’s famous cards.

For those who don’t know who Gambit is, he’s probably only the second or third most popular mutant character in Marvel’s universe, who is able to charge items with kinetic energy and then throw them for an explosive result (hence the cards). How we got three X-Men movies without the roguish character showing up is beyond me, but it’s an error that’s being remedied with Wolverine’s solo picture. How involved a part Gambit will play in X-Men Origins is unknown as of yet, but expect enough of a presence to satisfy fans.

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