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1998 brought us the resurrection of Charles Lee Ray, aka Chucky, when we were all invited to his Wedding. Now this time he’s got his own family. Chucky got lucky, now this baddy’s a daddy. This Halloween writer/director Don Mancini (the creator of the entire Child’s Play series) brings us the fifth flick in Chucky’s Chronicles.

The teaser is your average “show you nothing from the actual movie” kind of teaser a la Alien Vs. Predator but it still is nothing more than hard evidence that this flick is indeed underway. I myself am still skeptical about this one, and this teaser is sort of what makes me think it just might NOT suck.

Thanks to CB Critic Michael Brody for the tip. Anyways, here’s the teaser for this October’s Seed of Chucky. Forgive the E! Entertainment logo at the bottom, it's a small price to pay for a first crack at this flick.

Click Here for Teaser

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