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From the day it was announced, I was a little surprised that Christian Bale agreed to participate in McG’s Terminator: Salvation. Coming off of The Dark Knight, the last thing you’d expect a hot actor to do is join the cast of a sequel that’s unassociated with its original’s creator and directed by that dude who directed those colorful Smash Mouth music videos and the Charlie’s Angels movies. I figured a hefty paycheck helped to persuade him, but it appears McG did a lot to get Bale on as well.

According to a story posted on THR (beware of spoilers on the Variety site), a lot of work went into convincing Christian Bale to take the role. McG reveals in the article that the movie was originally centered on Sam Worthington’s character, Marcus Wright, the role that Bale was originally asked to take. Bale refused the part though, and instead, asked to play the series’ more recognizable character, John Connor.

Bale then forced McG to revise the story to include a more prominent role for Connor. Screenwriter John Brancato said, "A lot of the work was integrating (Connor) into scenes ... and having that feel integral and sensible, as opposed to grafted on just because there was a star in the part.”

It sounds as though Bale was an overall thorn in the side to work with, especially after his uncanny David O. Russell impression was revealed earlier this year. I can’t help but feel it might all be worth it though, considering that the trailers and images for this movie have been nothing short of thrilling. I guess we’ll see how it all works out on May 21, 2009. Until then, I'll keep my "Bale totally went Hollywood" comments to myself.

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