Somewhere, somehow, 50 Cent became a credible actor. It wasn't because of Get Rich, or Die Tryin. I didn't even have to see it to know he sucked. No, it must be something else. Maybe he's got a gun to someone's head, because 50 Cent has big name actors lining up around the block to work with him.

According to The Hollywood Reporter the latest is Robert De Niro, who is in negotiations to star alongside Fiddy in a police thriller called New Orleans. It centers around a cop (De Niro) who discovers that his partner, who he thought killed in Hurricane Katrina, was actually shot to death. The cop gets a new partner (Fiddy) and together they get caught up in a web of police corruption while investigating the murder.

50 Cent is of course, perfect to play a police officer because he's so believable as a lawman. You just look at the guy and think upstanding enforcer of the law. He even wears a bullet proof vest, just like a real policeman.

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