Being a talented actor doesn’t automatically equal an Oscar win. The narrative surrounding Leonardo DiCaprio this year, as an example, is that he’s a frequently overlooked performer who deserved an Oscar win years ago, but likely will collect one on Sunday both for The Revenant, and for the movies for which he might have been snubbed.

With this in mind, Ranker polled its readership to find out the most talented actors who’ve yet to win an Academy Award. The list is a murderer’s row of extremely gifted performers, though the main thing they all share in common is the sad fact that their names haven’t been called from the stage of the Oscars, and they haven’t had to give an Oscar speech. Some of these are jaw-dropping omissions. All 10 of them are true headscratchers. Here are the 10 actors who should have an Oscar by now, ranked by their worthiness, as well as the roles that should have won them a little gold man, in my humble opinion.

Brad Pitt
10. Brad Pitt

Nominated: 3 times for acting, though he technically took home an Oscar as a producer on the Best Picture-winning 12 Years a Slave. Pitt’s also part of the team nominated for The Big Short, though not for his supporting turn in the solid ensemble.

Should Have Won: For playing a deranged (but possibly brilliant) mental patient in Terry Gilliam’s Twelve Monkeys.

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