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Watch Eddie Redmayne, Emily Blunt Get Destroyed In Hysterical Mean Tweets Video

If you spend as much time online as we do, one thing becomes perfectly clear. People can be just terrible. Seriously, they’re awful. In truth, most people are perfectly lovely, yet nothing brings out the worst in people like social media. In preparation for the Academy Awards Jimmy Kimmel had some of Hollywood’s biggest and brightest stars reading mean tweets about themselves. At least, we can all laugh about the worst among us.

Mean Tweets is a regular feature on Jimmy Kimmel Live where the host has famous celebrities reading the worst and most bizarre tweets people have posted about them. It allows the celebrity to poke a bit of fun at themselves, while at the same time calling out the people who post the stuff, letting them know that the targets of their vitriol do, in fact, see what they are posting. And these aren’t just any old celebs either. Many of the targets here are current and former Oscar nominees and winners like George Clooney, Susan Sarandon, and Christoph Waltz.

Most of the actors take their twitter critics with good fun. Eddie Redmayne admits that he, in fact, is always dehydrated, or, was at that particular moment. We’re pretty sure Taraji P. Henson was joking when she offered to fight the person who said she was ghetto. Although, we have to say that one of the real comedians, Seth Rogen, did appear to be a little hurt by the one that went after him.

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Some of the other tweets, however, didn’t even make a lot of sense. Somebody went after Kevin Costner for making long movies. While that’s not an untrue statement, it’s been literally decades since his days of three-hour epics, and as he says himself, you’re sitting in a theater, what else are you going to do? Our favorite nonsense tweet, however, has to be the one targeting Jessica Chastain. We’re not sure we understand what they were trying to say, but it still makes us laugh, although that might actually be the look on Chastain’s face.

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We expect if you closely monitor Twitter this Sunday you’ll see a lot of tweets about celebrities as they come down the red carpet and make appearances during the Oscars. We’re not saying you should partake in that, because they’ll probably be terrible, awful, insulting things to read. But you could do that.

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