Somewhere right around today (give or take a day or two), we reached the halfway mark of the calendar year of 2015. What better time to single out the movies that we, as a staff, think you need to have caught up with before we plunge into the backend of what has become an interesting film frame?

At the start of the year, we thought 2015 was going to be bigger. Batman v Superman was on the docket for this year (until it moved back), and Star Wars: The Force Awakens was thinking about launching in the summertime. Plans changed, but decent films slid in to fill the void. The CinemaBlend staff saw a lot of movies during the first six months of 2015, and we tracked all of our scores to come up with a collective average of the 10 best movies that have reached theaters. We probably missed a few that you adored, so help us out in the comments section. We expect the second half of 2015 to be busy with similar blockbusters and Oscar-worthy fare. But for now, these are the 10 movies you need to go out of your way to see, organized by the date on which they were released.

Release date: January 16

Plot: A young bear raised in the jungles of Peru is shipped to London, where he attempts to find a caring family.

Our review: "The big reason Paddington works so exceedingly well is that everyone involved is firing on all cylinders, fully committing to a film that's basic premise is extremely fantastical."

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