Did you see the poster for Eli Roth’s new movie got banned in Italy. It’s unclear exactly why the Italians considered it so far over the line, but then again, movie posters are banned for a wide variety of reasons that aren’t exactly clear.

From including too much nipple to manipulating stuffed animals into getting busy to scary the living hell out of children, there are a lot of things movie posters can do to catch the ire of the Motion Picture Association of America. So, let’s take a fond look back. Let’s look at the 10 greatest banned movie posters of all-time.

Warning: The MPAA would have you believe all of this content is NSFW. If you’re at work, view at your own risk…

 Banned Teeth Poster
#10) Teeth
I get why the MPAA thought children would be confused and uncomfortable with this anatomically bizarre Teeth poster, but the great thing about it is how clearly it lets fans know whether or not they can handle the movie. If you can look at that poster and think, "Yeah, I want to go on this journey", then you’re going to have a great time. If you like at it and can’t stop thinking about how terrifying those vaginal teeth are, then it’s best to stay away.

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