Eva Green's Sin City 2 Poster Shot Down By The MPAA For Excessive Nudity

Sin City Poster

How can a poster for a movie called Sin City offer up a poster that’s too risqué? The word "Sin" is in the title! You better bring some edgy material, or fans won’t care. And yet, the MPAA rejected the above one-sheet showing Eva Green and her chest "for nudity." Imagine that.

The NY Post picked up on the story, reporting that the "curve of under breast and dark nipple/areola circle visible through sheer gown" was more than enough to ensure that this Sin City: A Dame to Kill For poster doesn’t make it to your local multiplex. Not that the poster is any less suggestive than past Sin City one-sheets featuring the likes of Jessica Alba or Rosario Dawson. Sex has always been used to sell Robert Rodriguez’s guns-and-babes franchise.

Sin City Jessica Alba Poster

And it’s worth pointing out that the fact that Eva Green is holding a gun had no bearing on the MPAA's decision to label the Sin City: A Dame to Kill For poster inappropriate or possibly offensive to sensitive viewers. We can’t show kids or impressionable people the female body. But weapons, blood, or severed body parts are totally fine. Right, Saw 2?

Saw 2 poster

The irony of the MPAA banning Eva Green’s Sin City: A Dame to Kill For poster is that they are giving the movie – and the image – far more publicity than if they had just let it slide. I can almost guarantee that very few movie sites and news outlets would pick up on this relatively blasé one-sheet if not for the built-in MPAA controversy. Instead? It’s on the home page of almost every entertainment site you surf today. Robert Rodriguez really needs to send the MPAA a fruit basket.

And if the Eva Green poster piqued your interest in Rodriguez’s sequel, here’s the latest trailer...

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For is eyeballing an August 22 release date.

Sean O'Connell
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