The history of marijuana and cinema goes back decades and decades. And sure, things kind of got off to a bad foot with Reefer Madness in the 1930s, but since then we’ve seen pot-addled characters make us laugh, solve mysteries, and go on all kinds of crazy adventures. Now there’s a new stoner action-fest hitting theaters this weekend, so what better time to celebrate this grand history?

With American Ultra in theaters this week, and sporting two lead stoner characters played by Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart, we thought that we’d look back at the history of cinema and weed, and determine our top 10 rankings for the greatest movie potheads. Read on to find out who is at number one!

NOTE: As you can probably predict, there are going to be some famous duos on this list, and we counted them in the same slot. The reality is that you can’t take one without the other in these cases, so we’ve kept them together.

10. Floyd
If you’re in for a morning/day/night smoking with Floyd from True Romance, you probably shouldn’t expect any kind of grand adventure. Rather, this fantastic Brad Pitt character is more of your kind of lazy/burnout pothead – and sometimes that’s exactly the guy you want to hang out with. Sure, his stupidity may result in him giving your name to a bunch of gangsters, but it’s hard to fault a guy with such a cool honey bear bong.

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