It can be hard for an R-rated film to earn back serious bank. By embracing an R rating, producers theoretically are alienating a large chunk of a potential audience, essentially telling teenagers – you know, the demographic that routinely spends the most discretionary income on motion pictures – that they have to jump through hoops to see your film in a theater.

These films, however, found a way to reach a massive audience despite the somewhat limiting MPAA rating. Over the weekend, Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper muscled its way near the top of this particular chart. And from what we are hearing, this weekend’s Fifty Shades of Grey has a very good chance at joining it. Until the dust settles on those two titles however, here are the Top 10 Highest-Grossing R-Rated Movies (according to domestic grosses). Any surprises in the group?

10. 300
Released: March 9, 2007

Domestic Box Office: $210.6 million

Zack Snyder inched onto the scene three years prior to 300 with his taut and stylized reboot of Dawn of the Dead. But it was the slo-mo and sepia-toned bonanza of 300 that announced this filmmaker to the world. His visual approach to Frank Miller’s esteemed graphic novel breathed new life into the sword-and-sandal genre, reveling in the blood and gore of a Spartan battlefield. And while Snyder would eventually become known as the Founding Father of the DC Cinematic Universe, his roots will always trace back to this incredibly successful R-rated war epic.

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