When advertising a movie, a delicate balance of information is required to properly tantalize the audience. If you give the audience too little information, they probably won’t show up – a perfect example of this approach is the trailer to Disney’s Tomorrowland. Meanwhile, if you give too many moments away in your trailer, you’ll ruin any sort of mystery or intrigue present in the film’s plot. It’s been happening a lot in recent trailers, with this year being a particularly spoiled year for watching coming attractions.

As such, we’d like to draw some attention to 10 of the worst examples of showing and telling too damned much to the audience before they even have a chance to buy their tickets. To be fair, we’re going to warn you that there are massive spoilers on display in the following list, mostly coming from the trailers that we’re about to show you. However, we’re going to also explain why the information given is so spoilerific, so exercise caution. Otherwise, follow us into the darkness of the cinema, as we shed light on the trailers that may as well have been movies themselves.

Cast Away
When anyone talks about the basic premise of Cast Away, 9 times out of 10 they get it right by describing the film as Tom Hanks’ battle for survival on a tropical island, using only his wits to survive. If you were to watch the film without watching the trailer, that is the film you’d be treated to; but instead, the trailer for the film is cut to tell the story of what happens, "when you have to start over." Whoever edited this trailer should have been forced to do just that.

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