I am beginning to think Disney's Into The Woods may kill me, it so enjoys toying with my heart. Just yesterday the reveal of the long-shrouded Wolf--brought to life by Johnny Depp, a zoot suit and a costume shop explosion--slaughtered my expectations for this movie musical translation of the Stephen Sondheim Broadway production. But now Disney has unveiled the gorgeous new Into the Woods featurette you see above, which gives us our best look yet at this sprawling world of fairy tales gone feral.

There's a lot to take in here, both good and bad. So, let's delve deep Into The Woods' latest featurette for clues of what's to come!

Some Singing!
This might seem an obvious inclusion considering Into the Woods is a critically-heralded Broadway musical. But so far Disney has been frustrating in its withholding when it comes to actually showing its cast sing. A teaser released a few months ago teased the opening song, which has all the characters singing the confession, "I wish!", but notably none of them sang it. It's a relief to finally hear even a few notes of the show's songs sung here.

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