Bad movies are like a fine wine… which have been kept in a 90-degree heated cellar for a solid two decades and allowed to further ferment in a vermin-infested outhouse. Besides providing us rare moments across the spectrum of fashion history when neon lycra running shorts were acceptable evening wear and filthy flannel shirts hung over purposefully ripped jeans, the decade that was the 1990’s certainly provided us with a wealth of bad cinema. How bad? The folks at Rifftrax -- who once upon a time gave us one of the BEST things about the 1990s, Mystery Science Theater 3000 -- held a poll where fans decided on the top 20 stinkers from the era.

With that said, we are going to do a quick break down of the top 10 results from what the Rifftrax fans voted as the worst from the era when "be kind, rewind" wasn't just a courtesy, it was a warning of dire consequences.

10. Waterworld
What was, by most standards, a successful summer blockbuster with somewhat of a remaining fan base, the 1995 film was made at the apex of Kevin Costner’s A-list-dom with an obscene $172 million budget. Although, the fact that it actually made a $100 million profit is rarely mentioned. Nevertheless, its maritime theme was appropriate since it was the moment that Costner’s career jumped the shark. It’s unfortunate, because it’s not a horrible film, even though its imagery was bleak and dirty and the unfortunate image of Kevin Costner’s main character giving a good chug to his own filtered urine remains firm in the memories of moviegoers.

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