Terminator: Genisys packed a number of unanswered questions leading up to its eventual release. With no clear-cut sequel happening right before it, we didn’t know where, exactly, the story would take up on the timeline. And with the addition of so many new faces, we didn’t know how classic characters from previous installments – from Sarah Connor to the T-800 – would be used.

Well, Paramount dropped the first trailer on us today, and it quietly answered a number of key questions while also clarifying – slightly – the movie’s convoluted narrative. Do yourself a favor. Watch the trailer one more time.

Then devour these 15 important facts we pulled from the footage screened today! Starting, of course, with:

Kyle Reese
We'll Get To See Kyle Reese Volunteer for his initial mission
This is interesting. In the first Terminator film, Kyle Reese reveals to Sarah Connor that he volunteered to go back through time to protect Sarah. Of course, Kyle ends up impregnating Sarah, leading to birth of John. Heavy. But this trailer reveals that we'll get to see Kyle volunteer to do the mission. "Sir. Let me save her." It's a big moment for the story.

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