The original Back to the Future turns 30 next year, and the creative team behind the trilogy have talked about plans to celebrate the franchise’s legacy. Fan screenings, Q-and-A sessions, anniversary re-releases – tons of ideas are on the table, so long as Robert Zemeckis, screenwriter Bob Gale, executive producer Steven Spielberg, and the cast of the beloved trilogy doesn’t act like a slacker.

As part of the lead up, Empire conducted an oral history of BTTF, and crammed in several unknown nuggets of time-travel trivia. So put an egg in your shoe and leave. Then come back and check out this list in incredible Back to the Future facts!

The Time Machine Was Going To Be A Car Wash
Or something that didn’t move, at the very least. A large structure, similar to a car wash. "It was actually a rather large object, a chamber," executive producer Steven Spielberg recalls about the earliest draft of the screenplay. "The DeLorean came later. The time-machine was a fixed device. When Bob [Zemeckis] and Bob [Gale] came up with the DeLorean, a four-wheeled time machine, everything began making more sense. It could now take them anywhere."

Marty McFly was suicidal. And the producers almost stuck with that idea. "He was so despondent about how messed-up his life was, he was going to commit suicide," Bob Gale admits in the interview. "We thought that was a good idea for way longer than we should have. Finally, we said, ‘We can’t have the main character be someone who wants to kill himself.’"

The ending had nothing to do with a lightning strike. Instead, the time machine was going to be nuclear-powered. "Our original idea was that we were going to end the movie at the Nevada nuclear test site. Marty had to bring the time-machine out into the desert and Doc Brown hooked up a device that was going to harness the energy released at detonation to send the DeLorean back to 1985." Heavy!

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