At some point or another, you’ve been mean mugged before. Whether by some bitch who is intimidated by your hotness, by some asshole who wants to step outside and throw down because he saw you making a different kind of eye at his girlfriend or maybe by your wife because you took a nap instead of going to the grocery store, you’ve been victimized by someone who has attempted to punch you in the face with their eyes. For at least a few seconds, you probably were a bit offended and caught off guard, but the good news is you survived. You weathered that eyeball hate tornado and emerged a stronger, fiercer person, now more capable than ever of continuing to be you, regardless of who might have a problem with it.

That deserves a celebratory high five, depending on what time of day it is, a celebratory Mike’s Hard Lemonade and most especially, a few words of warning. You may have crossed paths with the biggest bitch in your town and won that ocular faceoff, but there are others out there who aren’t worth messing with. There are some who are more than capable of ruining your entire day with one intimidating gaze that will corrupt your self-esteem and maybe even some of your vital organs.

Want examples? Let’s start with these fifteen movie characters who could make the devil piss himself with one glance of the eyes…

Tinker Bell From Disney’s Peter Pan
Disney may have taken Tink in a much happier and friendly direction with all these recent straight-to-DVD fairy movies, but the truth is she’s got more than her share of anger to her in the original 1953 animated film. She despises Wendy with a passion and even schemes to have her killed. The whole assassination plot doesn’t work out, but judging by those piercing eyes seen above, she’s more than capable of making you question everything you just did with one vicious glance.

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