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2 Guns, a movie that seems completely indistinguishable from a million other mismatched buddy cop movies but is supposedly fun anyway, has at least convinced a solid number of moviegoers that it's something worth seeing. According to early numbers at Deadline the Mark Wahlberg-Denzel Washington vehicle brought in $9.8 million on Friday, good enough for first place at that day's box office and for the weekend in general, which should have it bringing in around $27 million. That number is proof that simply combining two popular stars doesn't mean they'll basically add up their usual box office-- Wahsington's last action film Safe House opened to an insane $40 million (albeit in less-crowded February), while Wahlberg's last collaboration with 2 Guns director Baltsaur Kormakur, the similarly muscular Contraband opened to $24 million. Universal claims they were only expecting an opening for 2 Guns in the low $20 million range, but this seems right on target for both stars.

Meanwhile The Wolverine, the critically acclaimed and refreshingly small-scale superhero movie, is enduring a 69% drop in its second weekend box office, making $6.4 million on Friday (compared to the $21 million it opened to last Friday) on its way toward an estimated $18.7 million. It won't quite hit $100 million after two weekends in release, a target that both of the summer's other big superhero movies hit easily. But it's still roughly on track with the last entry in the X-Men franchise, 2011's First Class, which had made $98 million by the end of its second weekend.

Not able to keep up with its predecessors at all, though is Smurfs 2, which will come in at third place for the weekend behind The Wolverine, having made just $5.7 million on Friday. That's less than the studio hoped for, according to Deadline, and the $27.5 million it's estimated to make this weekend is lower than any other animated film this year save Turbo, which itself was a disappointment. Has America finally gotten wise to the fact that the Smurfs movies are an abomination? We can always hope.

We'll have full box office numbers for you on Sunday, and in the meantime, let us know in the comments what you're seeing this weekend. Here's the trailer for 2 Guns, if you want to see what everyone else has gotten so excited about this weekend:

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