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As Project X proved when it opened huge earlier this year, there's still a huge market for raunchy movies about dudes getting into a ton of trouble. And while The Hangover guys might have the market cornered for grown-ups, Project X proved that high school students can be even more ridiculous. Now college guys are getting their chance in 21 and Over, a comedy about a 21st birthday party that-- you guessed it-- goes horribly, hilariously wrong.

The movie's first trailer popped up online today, and you can watch it embedded below:

Pretty much all of your typical stuff is here-- the two friends trying to convince their sheltered friend to party, the mean parent getting in the way, the girls they want to get with, the binge drinking, the comically unlikely scenarios the boys find themselves in before the night is over. The birthday boy in question is played by Justin Chon, who's popped up as one of Bella's boring human friends in a handful of Twilight movies, but I'm much more interested in the other two leads. Skylar Astin appeared as Anna Kendrick's adorable love interest in this fall's stealth hit Pitch Perfect, and Miles Teller has been a standout in roles as different as the haunted teen in Rabbit Hole and the country boy best friend in Footloose.

It's a little exhaustingly predictable to see the movie focus on the two white leads while the Asian guy is off on his own separate adventure, and though there's the nicely meta "You think because we're Asian we all look alike?" gag, it's unclear that 21 and Over is going to successfully navigate that stereotype of the conscientious, straight-A Asian kid who needs to cut loose. We'll give 21 and Over a chance to prove itself when it arrives in theaters March 1 next year.

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