This week marks Disney's latest nature release, Disney's Bears. The film is a documentary tracking the cuddly creatures across the wilderness, ample material to educate and entertain a young kid. But as an adult, you might love bears, cubs, and hybrids, and think to yourself, you know what? I'm not satisfied with the lack of bear-age in my life.

Fortunately, here we are. We decided to program a 24 hour marathon centered exclusively around bears. Movies about bears, legendary movie bears, and all sorts of bear adventures to either whet you appetite for Disney's latest effort, or to provide a nice full day chaser. So strap in and take a trip to Bear City with us. This is the 24 HOUR BEAR MOVIE MARATHON.

Brother Bear
One of Disney's final conventionally-animated films, this kids picture follows an Inuit boy who must learn compassion when he is changed into a bear and forced to survive amongst the furriest kinds. It's noon, and you've probably still got the gummy bears out for the kids. Let 'em stick around a little bit. The kids, not the gummy bears.

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