28 Months Later May Still Happen

After Ex Machina, Alex Garland pretty much has Hollywood in the palm of his hand. Not only did he manage to make an insightful, suspenseful, and thrilling sci-fi tale on a low-budget that still managed to resonate with an audience, but it’s also already made twice its production value back, and is only growing in popularity. But rather than moving on to a new project, Alex Garland has actually taken a look back at the idea of a second sequel to the first ever screenplay that he wrote, as he’s confirmed that he stumbled upon an idea for 28 Month Later that he really wants to see come to fruition.

During his recent interview with Indiewire, Garland confirmed that plans are actually moving ahead with 28 Months Later. And though he says he probably won’t be involved with the follow-up, he confirmed that he was the one that actually devised the plan for the in-development sequel. In fact, it actually came about while he was collaborating with Danny Boyle on an approach for Trainspotting 2. Garland explained,

In that conversation, and idea for 28 Months [Later] arrived. I had a sort of weird idea that popped into my head. Partly because of a trip I’d taken. I had this thought, and I suggested it to [producer Andrew Macdonald] and [Danny Boyle], but I also said I don’t want to work on it. I don’t really want to play a role, and Andrew said, ‘Leave it to me.’ So he’s gone off and is working on it.

Poor Alex Garland. Even when he’s trying to avoid writing a film he can’t help but be inspired and fathom up a plot and idea. In fact, Garland admitted that he’s genuinely excited by the prospect of 28 Months Later because of just how simple it is. When asked to divulge on the possible sequel, Garland modestly boasted,

Yeah. It’s pretty simple. Don’t you think those are, in a way, better? Because there is no momentum now, and you’ve had an organic, real spark about where I can take this. And it just popped into your head, kind of thing. Rather than, ‘Okay, I’m going to make a sequel’.

That's inspired thinking.

Garland had previously avoided the sequel to his 28 Days Later screenplay like it was the zombie apocalypse that decimated the planet earth in his original effort. Ultimately he was able to take up an executive producer role on 28 Weeks Later - which this writer believes is genuinely on par and could maybe even be better that its predecessor. This is what makes 28 Months Later so alluring. Yes, it could wreck the franchise by paling in comparison to its predecessors. But it could also help to evolve the world and its inhabitants in a compelling and suspenseful manner.

In the meantime, those of you who haven’t seen Ex Machina should feel thoroughly feel ashamed and immediately right that wrong and travel to your local art-house cinema to see it. It’s rather spiffing. Plus it has Oscar Isaac in it, and he’s bloody awesome.

Gregory Wakeman