The Jurassic World Trailer Is Terrifying And Perfect

"If something chases you… run!" Welcome back to Jurassic World, a theme park where the patrons are lunch. Though we expected the first full trailer for Colin Trevorrow’s sequel to drop on Thanksgiving, someone took the bird out of the over much earlier, giving us a long, loving look at what promises to be one of the biggest movies of 2015.

The point of emphasis at the start of the trailer is on two young brothers taking a trip to the park of the title (in true Steven Spielberg fashion). But one thing that’s instantly different about the tone of this trailer is that the park is LOADED with people. This isn’t a handful of scientists scurrying away from dinos. This is a Disney World-level success story – a tourist destination – that’s about to be thrown into total chaos. The Sea World nod is evident, as a crocodile-type dinosaur eats a shark in one gulp. What do you think that can do to a person?

But the animals on display in the theme park aren’t the threat, and it doesn’t take long before Bryce Dallas Howard is talking to us (in true John Hammond fashion) about the progress they have made with genetics. Their work has allowed the team at Jurassic World to create a hybrid dinosaur. Only, as Chris Pratt’s happy to point out, "she" isn’t the best idea in the world, and it’s about to get ugly.

"Evacuate the park," Pratt’s character warns. Too late. The tourists are toast, unless Pratt and his army of Velociraptors can take this new threat down! The last shot of the above trailer gets your blood pumping. As do the piano key strokes of John Williams’ classic Jurassic Park score. Everything about this trailer is a huge WIN.

Chris Pratt

Can we all stop for a moment and talk about how incredible Chris Pratt is? And what a year he is having? Seriously, 2015 started with him voicing the lead character in the dangerously hysterical The LEGO Movie. Of course, he conquered galaxies as Star-Lord in the highest-grossing film of the year (so far), Guardians of the Galaxy. And he’s capping off the year with a tease for his continued domination in 2015 by taming Raptors so he can hunt much larger, far more deadly dinosaur prey in Jurassic World. Where do I sign up to fight Anna Faris for Chris Pratt’s heart?

So, the gauntlet has been thrown. Jurassic World is coming. What did you think of the trailer?

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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